Will President Trump Win Or Will The Globalists?

President Trump

The President is set to deliver the State of the Union Address in about a week from now. The big question remains: “Will he still be in office then?”

Many people in alt media are talking about a plot that would remove President Trump and VP Pence from the White House and usher Nancy Pelosi in as the unelected President following the order of succession.

Mike Adams, Alex Jones and Roger Stone have all stated that they’d uncovered a plot to remove POTUS before the State of the Union Address.

Pelosi, would ascend to the Presidency and would then appoint Hillary to be the Vice President. Pelosi will resign and Hillary will claim her so-called rightful place upon the throne.

Most people have trouble believing that they were actually going to do this.

President Trump has done nothing that would hold up in a legitimate court of law for which to be indicted. But remember, the reality is, there is nothing legitimate about these Obama appointed judges. In our present lawless state, anything is possible.

The Four Events That the Deep State Must Dodge

There are several deadlines coming up that if the conservatives are successful in carrying out their mandate, the Deep State is probably finished and would have to resort to total desperation tactics.

First, Ruth Bader Ginsberg is rumored to be dead and the Deep State is covering it up in order to buy time to remove Trump before he can appoint another Supreme Court Justice. Another Trump appointee would cement the court for the next three decades.

Secondly, and as Mike Adams pointed out, there is the risk that Trump will release the sealed documents related to the infamous dossier and this would lead to major indictments of Deep State major players and their subordinates.

Third, Trump will have cemented his soon-to-be declaration of a national emergency and the construction of the Wall. This would put Trump in the driver’s seat for re-election in 2020.

Fourth, the New California movement cannot be allowed to come to fruition because it will mark the end of the plot for the Deep State to begin a civil war and it was to begin in California and this would devastate the agricultural and retail economy.

Dave Hodges called some of his sources and started off each conversation with one question: “Are you aware of what Infowars is saying about the imminent removal of Trump and Pence from office?”

DHS Source

Dave had a 90 minute conversation with a DHS agent who had no knowledge of the allegations brought by Infowars. He said that the information would be “highly compartmentalized” and confined to personnel in Washington DC. However, he said he was not surprised given the current state of ideological civil war which already exists in this country.

He did confirm what I’ve been writing about the composition and intentions of the Axis of Unity. He said there are “jackets” in several Central and South American figures ranging from officers in Peru (eg the Sanchez-Paredes drug cartel that brings together Middle Eastern terrorists and the drug cartels in the Americas), Brazilian generals which are likely to remove the new Brazilian-Trump-like-President in a coup, and terrorist operatives in that region.

He also confirmed what I’ve said about the construction of a future Red Dawn force and this immigration issue and the Axis of Unity is all related to this issue.

The President of the New California Movement

When Dave Hodges spoke to Paul Preston, he had not heard of the Infowars release. However, he did state that an increasing number of people in California are declaring that the state government is in a state of sedition and they want Trump to intervene under his authority as President.

Both Paul and Dave have previously documented the intention of the Deep State to start a civil war beginning in California if the state was not able withdraw from the Union under the direction of George Soros and former Governor Brown.

FBI Source

The FBI source offered up the most confirmation. Thanks to the New York Times we already know that the FBI was attempting a coup from the time Trump took office.

The source stated that they know firsthand that there is a slush fund to bribe judges.

This agent also hears FBI colleagues bragging that they will be bringing Trump down.

The Mike Adams article mentioned that “Trump will do the perp walk” and the agents have bragged that they want to be on that detail.

This agent has also learned that the FBI is taking jurisdictional authority over assassination investigation from DHS and the Secret Service. This agent fears that if impeachment and indictment don’t get the job done that assassination is next.

There is not a strong confirmation of the Infowars allegations. However, that doesn’t mean that this is not true and there is some smoke, particularly from the FBI agent.

So what are we left with? I think that there is clearly a plot underway to remove Trump and I agree that the Deep State is out of time and must act now.

President Trump’s hand may be forced into immediately shutting down the border, declaring a national state of emergency and going in to California and arresting treasonous members of the California state government.

The better question may be: “Will President Trump still be alive in one week?” Either way, I don’t see how a civil war is going to be avoided. Can articles like this exposing the plot push back the event as it has before?

More importantly, are the people of God in America praying for this President every day? They should be!

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  1. Ronald Mckeon | May 15, 2019 at 7:44 pm | Reply

    I hope and pray that those that are in Christ find the courage they need to go through this time of tribulations. We are a dying breed. I look back to my childhood and see the difference. It has been a short period but a lot is different. Where did the love and fear for Christ go. I am struggling so much with all these different views. We don’t serve Christ like we were created to do. That is the one thing that I think will save us. And clean our government up.
    Sometimes I wish I was child like. It would bring us back to god.

  2. Steve is awesome & really speaks the truth! Keep it up ? Steve!!

    • James, I appreciate your kind words. But ONLY God is awesome… I’m just doing what He wants me to. Thanks for your support!

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