Who’s Telling You What To Think?

predictive programmingJapan's eyewear company Hakugan president Hiroyuki Sasaki displays a prototype model of eyewear with sensors of electroencephalogram (EEG) to measure brain wave patterns at the Wearable Device Technology Expo in Tokyo on January 13, 2016. The device, developed with high-tech venture NeuroSky, is the world's first EEG with eyewear as a stress free tool for brain wave tests. AFP PHOTO / Yoshikazu TSUNO / AFP / YOSHIKAZU TSUNO (Photo credit should read YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images)

Would you believe me if I told you you don’t have a mind of your own? Someone is telling you

what to think…

You’d probably say you’re crazy Steve I think for myself nobody tells me what to think.

Then how come so many people are so divided over so many different things just in America alone?

Have you ever heard of subliminal messaging and

predictive programming?

Probably not but it’s used on you every day to make you think a certain way and react a certain way.

Do you watch TV do you go to movies you listen to the radio do you read newspapers and magazines, do you go on the internet?

This is been going on for decades and it’s used to reduce the resistance to upcoming tyranny, to change opinions of large groups of people, and let them think it was their own idea, and to suddenly program the brains of the masses while they think they’re just enjoying some entertainment.

It’s very very subtle. Some people are less susceptible to this type of manipulation. There’ve been a lot of articles and theories about

predictive programming…

what to thinkPredictive programming is when events are depicted in a movie or TV show and later, they come to pass.

There have been hundreds of movies like The Simpsons predicting the Ebola outbreak and the death of Prince…. Sandy Hook map and Dark Knight Rises….

Sometimes they’re just coincidences. But other times it’s definitely predictive programming.

So why do they do this? It’s done to mimic a change that is desired by those in power, resistance to that change can be minimized because people have seen it happen already.

It’s easier for people to accept the change because it’s been normalized through the media. The elite the globalists the luciferians…. they own Hollywood… They own the media.

When you have this amount of control you can use predictive programming to prepare people to accept anything.

And now we have Google taking out a major contract out to delist some alt-right sites. They’re censoring news.

YouTube is shifting algorithms hurting Independent Media sources.

We’re coming to a place in history very shortly where they will not only control the programming to your mind but there won’t be any other voices or anything to contradict their message to you.

It looks like the globalists want to get us into war. This is why Google and YouTube and the major players on the internet are shutting down anyone who even starts to talk about war…. in fact it’s against their policy.

That limits free speech and it only enhances what the predictive programmers can do to your mind. Then we have subliminal messaging and it’s way more subtle than predictive programming.

This is where messages are played to individuals or the public without them being aware of it.

subliminal messageA message maybe a visual Flash in a series of other pictures that you don’t consciously pick up on but your subconscious registers the image.

An example would be a movie where in frame 25 in a sequence of 40 images moving at 30 frames per second flashes the name of a product a person or whatever other information the producers want you to take in.

Even if you don’t believe in your conscious mind that subliminal messaging can have any effect on you…. your unconscious mind has no such view, it accepts what’s sent to it without question.

When companies advertise, politicians stand on the stage, or gangs roam down the street, we see their colors – the sign, symbol, or slogan that defines them.

It’s all marketing and branding and subliminal messaging can get that message into your brain Without You knowingly visualizing it.

Experiments with inserting a subliminal message about snacks right before a break in a movie increased snacks sales during the break. Companies use this technique with products to sell all the time. And it works.

The worst part is there’s no way you can tell if you’re being subjected to those suggestions. So it’s no big deal if it’s trying to get us to buy a soda or popcorn but what if it’s way more Insidious?

What if we’re being manipulated every time we turn on a TV, watch a movie or even turn on our computer?

Some of us are aware of the dumbing-down of our children, their total addiction to their smartphones tablets and laptops, hours and hours they watch TV.

Kids are completely addicted to their screens…. if someone wanted to use screens as mind control methods then it makes perfect sense to get kids dependent upon those screens while they’re young… they can be programmed from the very beginning to be good little consumers and to pay for it by being wage slaves.

Almost everyone of us have a smartphone which means we all carry a mind control device with us. Why is it that some people seem to be so dumbed down and then others of us are able to understand what’s going on?

Most people in the United States are completely accepting of the official message:

  • They believe the government will be there to save them in all circumstances…..
  • They never questioned or inquire about anything, they simply accept whatever they’re told…..
  • They don’t share our concerns that something big is on the horizon…..
  • They live in their own little bubble and never look at the bigger picture…..
  • They refuse to prepare for bad things because they honestly don’t believe it’s possible that those things will ever happen….

programmedMost people like us watch less TV …some of us watch no TV at all.

We have more important things to do in life like preparing for the things we know are inevitable.

When I was younger I believed the government agencies like the EPA and the FDA were looking out for our best interests… that food or medicine wouldn’t be sold if it was harmful and that schools truly were in the business of educating children.

Most of us have to shake off early programming and training at the hands of the education system and the television.

It really is like the movie The Matrix, you take the blue pill the story ends you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.

“You take the red pill … you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

Subliminal messaging can change people’s views it can change the way they think can change what they want to eat what car they want to buy maybe even how they vote.

It can sow the seeds that make acceptance of abnormal and dangerous situations easier. it can teach people not to question and to be good little sheep.

Sitting in front of a television mindlessly for hours and hours watching the drivel produced by companies who call it entertainment is brainwashing people and turning them into idiots making the best current example a predictive programming the movie Idiocracy.

All you have to do is look around and you’ll see…… it’s here.

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  1. so many things about the world being a globe falling and spinning through space never made sense to me. I want to hear more about this flat earth stuff. Please point me in the direction i need to go. thanks Steve, for all you do in keeping us informed and you challenge my thinking. God bless you

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