A Byrd’s Eye View

After the end of World War II, top naval officer admiral Byrd set out on an expedition to Antarctica. Unable to find a passage inland, Byrd, who was also a pilot, decided to fly across the continent. What he described baffles people to this day. He described a lush inland tropical zone with a highly advanced civilization. He also said that there were highly advanced airplanes with swastikas on the sides. He was later discredited as having hallucinated the sighting due to tiredness.

Operation Paperclip

Fast forward to the 1990s. With retired World War II veterans aging, many of them began to spill the beans about secret operations. One such rumored operation was called Operation Paperclip. This was an operation which supposedly brought top NAZI scientists and military personnel to the US. The purpose was to continue development of top secret German military technology.


Coincidentally, Americans began seeing unidentified flying objects (UFO’s) within a couple of years after the defeat of the NAZI’s. In the 7 decades since the first sighting over Roswell NM, these crafts have exponentially increased in technological sophistication. If they are man-made, they must be getting help from somewhere.

A Byrd Brained Hypothesis

Where is the only place on Earth where scientific researchers are protected by any political or regulatory restrictions? If you said Antarctica, move to the head of the line. What if the global elites are using Antarctica as a base to build their global Empire? What if WWII itself was a fight over control of what the NAZI’s already had there? Are they secretly developing technology which has the capacity to change the world as we know it?

The Race To South Africa

Did you know that during the war, Germany made a mad dash southward through Africa? They even had a trail of supply depots leading all the way to South Africa. Fortunately, pilots flying supplies to the allies from the south discovered them. The destruction of these supplies stalled the NAZI ground forces and they were defeated. But what if they had reached South Africa? How would that have helped them in the war?

Help From Above; Or Should I Say, Below

We have since come to suspect, according to anonymous leakers, that Antarctica is home to extraterrestrials. Others believe there are fallen angels, Nephilim, or giants. Whoever they are, according to Admiral Byrd, they have swastikas on their aircrafts. Knowing this, I can see why the NAZI’s would try to reach South Africa. Capetown South Africa is easiky within striking distance from the world’s most advanced military base. The NAZI’s were heading home.

The Watchers

Can there be something altogether much more sinister than the NAZI version of Area 51 in Antarctica? Where were the NAZI’s getting the knowledge to develop technology decades beyond the means of the rest of the world? Many believe that they were delving into the occult and getting information from satanic entities. Many Christians believe that the Watchers, 200 Angels which rebelled against God and mingled with humans, are bound underneath the Earth at Antarctica.

The Return Of The Nephilim

Could there be Watchers or other fallen angels in Antarctica helping top military scientists to develop advanced technology? If so, then there are probably already bases electromagnetically charged which can resonate at the frequency where these entities can appear in person to humans. Even worse, they may be planning to bring the entire planet into their realm.

As In The Days Of Noah

Was the great flood really an act of God which destroyed the Earth? Maybe there’s more to it than that. According to biblical descriptions of the pre-flood Earth, the ecology, climate, and lifespans were much different than they are now. Most of the world enjoyed a lush tropical climate. Trees and other vegetation grew much taller and humans lived an average of 900 years. There is evidence that grazing animals lived as far north as the Arctic circle. How did God create those conditions and what did he do to change them?

The Core; The “Energizer Bunny

Scientists now know that the Earth’s core plays a direct role in three things which effect our ecology and lifespans:

  • Gravity
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • The Earth’s magnetic field

They have sumimzed that the core has lost about 15% of its electrical charge since prehistoric times. Because of that, our atmosphere is less dense, life spans much shorter, and climate much more diverse. However, they believe that these conditions changed over millions of years. There’s reason to believe that God changed them in an instant.

The Domino Effect

It’s my belief that our creator removed an element from the core which caused a reduction in gravity. The reduction in gravity caused the Earth to slightly expand, breaking the crust into pieces. Today we call these pieces tectonic plates.

This breaking of the crust into plates released water that was trapped underneath. For this reason, water not only rushed over the land, but Noah saw it springing up through holes at the surface.

The rapid expansion of the atmosphere tremendous fluctuations which caused Hydrogen and Oxygen, normally separated by nitrogen and helium, to mix. This is what caused the sky to appear to open and allow fountains of water to fall. Biblical literalists refer to this as the breaking of the firmament. This accounts for the tremendous loss of oxygen and hydrogen which scientists say was previously in our atmosphere.

The less dense atmosphere caused the mixture of nitrogen and oxygen, ishortening our life spans to approximately 100 years. The mass amounts of extra water forced the very dense water at the ocean floor under the Continents. This caused the continents to again rise above the sea. Then, as the lighter air was able to absorb moisture, some of the coastal areas again sank beneath the Sea where we find them today.

The Price Of Beans In China

By now you are saying “what does all of this have to do with Antarctica?”. Well, whatever God did to make all of these Earth changes and flood the Earth, did something else. Fallen angels can no longer physically interact with humans. This suggests that the changes to the Earth’s core divided the total spectrum of reality into two or more dimensions. The Watchers are helping man to develop the technology to correct that.

From Lead Acid To Alkaline

All of the above leads to the possibility that scientists, with the help of the Watchers, are building massive generators. These generators will be used to electrically charged the Earth’s core. By doing this, they will increase gravity and increase atmospheric pressure. This will also restore the complete electromagnetic spectrum which will bring them back into our dimensional realm. I believe the charging of the core explains the folding of the sky into itself in end times prophesy. For this reason, Christ will open the sky, like a scroll being spread out, when he comes.

The New Old World

The increase in gravity from charging the core, will cause less dense landmasses to compress and sink beneath the seas. The heightened atmospheric pressure will once again separate the gases and restore the lifespan of hundreds of years. However, the mass amount of oxygen and hydrogen have been converted to water. Therefore, instead of getting a thick dense atmosphere, we will have a global cloud canooy and tropical weather. The world will be mesmerised by and will welcome this transformation.

The Great Deception (again)

Before the time of Noah, the Watchers came down to earth and presented themselves s alien Gods from another planet. They obviously appeared to be superhuman to the inhabitants of the Earth. They ruled over the Earth and its inhabitants, using them as slave labor and concubines for their pleasures.

There is nothing new under the Sun. The watchers are coming back and this time they’re coming back with a vengeance. They know that their time is short and their judgment is coming.

I may not be able to prove my hypothesis concerning Antarctica. However, if by chance I am correct, you will be greatly helped by the information you have read here.

God Bless

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  1. This is very interesting and I tend to agree with you. You are also my favorite You Tube channel. I want to thank you for all you do. God bless and protect you in Jesus Name.

  2. I’m so happy that your videos are still being seen I’m currently looking into buying the book of enoch so many things you have shared make every thing more clear thankyou so much God be with you in all you do

  3. I agree with everything you said .. thank you very much God bless you

    • Thank you very much Sascha! The truth is all around us. Satan is the father of pride and he loves to boast about himself and his plans. He leaves hints and cluess all around us in plain sight. We just need to be able to ignore what people are teaching us, recognize the pieces of the puzzle, put them together, and we can see the big picture.

  4. I am only now at the age of 52 starting to understand everything you have discussed. I have spent my entire life studying science and was an atheist most of my life. But ONLY when I accepted Christ did i begin to understand all that you have just discussed. Nephilims obviously existed, and their was ancient technology we cannot perform today. I even studied Geology and agree we do NOT understand exactly why the plates moves faster in different periods. There is something activating the plates right now and I am sure you are right!!

  5. First I’d like to say that I very much enjoyed the thought provoking hypothesis that you wrote about here. The funny thing is that I just saw you talking on a video on YouTube. I never saw you or heard you before and now I see you twice in one day.

  6. Thank You So much for Obeying the Lord . Love this Link , for the Truth Going Out .

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