US Gov Says Don’t Protect Yourself… Just Do What You’re Told!


By Mike Adams

We have now reached the stage of this coronavirus pandemic where the advice from Trump administration officials is almost indistinguishable from that of communist China.

Earlier today, the U.S. Surgeon General Jerome M. Adams told America to “stop buying masks!” He said that if consumers buy masks, then the hospitals will run out, accidentally admitting that hospitals are facing a severe mask shortage because they didn’t prepare in advance.

While every nation in China is strongly encouraging people to buy masks and stop the spread of the coronavirus, in the United States, our own (brain damaged?) Surgeon General says exactly the opposite.

So because the hospitals didn’t prepare, you shouldn’t prepare either, says Adams (who, regretfully, shares my last name).

Don’t buy any food, cleaning supplies or anything else, either… be an obedient American and stop “spreading fear”

Surgeon General Adams was also grilled by members of Congress earlier in the week about whether Americans should prepare with extra food or cleaning supplies. His answer to both questions was, “No” or “Not at this time,” indicating that at least this one branch of the Trump administration has become the “anti-preparedness” Ministry of Stupid that actively urges people to NOT get prepared.

Instead of purchasing preparedness supplies that might help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Americans are apparently supposed to wait around for a vaccine that might take two years.

Once the vaccine is available, it might kill you, by the way, as the SARS vaccine experiments ended up causing rapid death in all animal test subjects when they were exposed to secondary infections.

So while people in other countries where the coronavirus has already exploded are rapidly getting prepped for long-term self-quarantine — arguable the most effective way to stop the spread of the virus — Americans are being actively discouraged from preparing for such a scenario.

The anti-shopping list: Here’s what you are supposed to NOT be buying, according to the Trump administration

While you’re not supposed to be purchasing masks, protective equipment, food and hand sanitizers, you are supposed to keep blindly buying stocks, it seems, to pump up the stock market and at least create the appearance of a thriving economy even as the global supply chain is rapidly collapsing.

In case you’re keeping track, here’s the summary of advice so far from the Trump administration:

– Do NOT buy masks, because the hospitals are running out of supplies since they didn’t prepare for an outbreak (which seems incredibly stupid on their part).

– Do NOT buy extra food, because V.P. Pence went on Rush Limbaugh’s show, and even though neither one of them is a scientist or a virologist, they both want you to feel warm and fuzzy that everything is fine, and they want you to believe the virus that’s sweeping through nearly 60 nations around the world will somehow stop at America’s totally unprotected borders.

– Do NOT buy extra prescription medications, even though 97% of Big Pharma’s drugs are made in China (or use ingredients manufactured there), the U.S. pharmacies will be just fine because supply lines are magic and can be repaired by wishing. (It helps to be slightly high when wishing, we’re told.)

– Do NOT buy hand sanitizers, cleaning supplies or colloidal silver, since there’s no need to clean anything because Trump will invoke magical miracles to halt the virus, causing it to vanish and be gone virtually overnight.

– Do NOT be fearful, because fear is bad, and you should remain totally calm even as you are totally unprepared. In fact, you should have a “Zen” attitude about everything and stop getting all excited about the possibility that you might die as the world collapses.

– But DO buy stocks, no matter how overvalued, because the Fed promises to make them even more overvalued.

Speaking of things you should NOT buy, the Health Ranger Store might still have some N99 masks with full-face eye shields (portable, foldable emergency use face masks) that you should NOT buy at this link, especially since the store is backlogged 4-5 business days just processing the incoming orders.

Meanwhile, at a Costco in Brooklyn, the following jaw-dropping scene just took place this morning as the masses are finally coming to their senses about the pandemic scenario which is unfolding:

Plus, there’s already “panic buying” at a Costco in Hawaii, where the mad rush on toilet paper just got real:

Just remember: When the day comes that you have no food, no masks, no gloves, no antibiotics, no vaccine, no toilet paper and no chance of survival, the Surgeon General wanted it that way.

As you starve to death and are eaten alive by the coronavirus from the inside out, you can find hope in the fact that you were an obedient American who didn’t “cause panic.”

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