Trump Death Threat From Alex Soros

Soros death threat against Trump

Original Article by Adan Salazar

Post to X by son of globalist billionaire George Soros shows bullet hole in window beside someone holding $47 – Trump would be the “47th” president if he wins re-election in November.

Alexander Soros, the son of globalist kingpin George Soros, is accused of threatening the life of former President Donald Trump after he posted an image on social media showing a bullet hole and a wad of $47.

On X Sunday evening, Soros shared a link to an Atlantic article discussing crime and inflation and disparagingly criticizing Trump as the “normalcy candidate,” which was accompanied by a thumbnail showing a window cracked by a bullet hole, and an image of someone holding $47.

Many on social media interpreted Soros’ post as an encoded message calling for the assassination of Trump, who would be the “47th” president if he wins re-election in November, especially in light of recent comments bashing the former president as a danger to Democracy at the World Economic Forum summit in Davos.

“WTH is the message you’re sending by posting a bullet hole next to $47 dollars!?” asked former Trump adviser Gen. Mike Flynn, adding, “And the article is filled with total bullshit!”

Author Scott Adams also concluded the “Shoot #47” imagery was intentional, saying, “In my opinion, our intel services just solicited a hit on our next president and offered a free pass to the perp.”

“That would sound crazy if we hadn’t lived through Covid, Jan6 insurrection hoax, Fine People Hoax, border crisis, Ukraine, etc,” he added.

Others similarly perceived Soros’ post as a direct threat toward the former president, with many calling for the US Secret Service to confront Soros.

Keen observers also took note of the US dollar bills photographed, which appear to be silver certificates last printed under the presidency of JFK Jr., who was assassinated.

The perceived threat comes as Trump appears set to secure the Republican presidential nomination, sending Democrats into panic mode.

As the election approaches, many believe the establishment and Deep State may attempt to assassinate Trump out of desperation as time runs short.

It certainly doesn’t help that the media’s articles and statements from Democrats continue to raise eyebrows.

Last month, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) highlighted a Washington Post article warning of a forthcoming “Trump dictatorship” in 2024 that was accompanied by a thumbnail of assassinated Roman leader Julius Caesar bursting out of Trump’s head.

Last November, Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) also stoked controversy when he told MSNBC Trump “has to be eliminated.”

The death threats against Trump are so notable, conservative pundits like Alex Jones, Roger Stone and Tucker Carlson have concluded assassination is on the table this election cycle.

While Soros’ intentions are unclear, assassination may be a viable option for the Deep State as time runs out and the globalists get more desperate to maintain their world dominance.

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