Their LIE Meant More Would DIE!

CDC lied

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A disturbing study out of Switzerland found that the incidence of cardiac-related injuries following the COVID jab was 3000x higher than U.S. government figures.

The small peer-reviewed study spearheaded by the Department of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Research Institute in Basel found that out of the 777 participants — all medical professionals at the median age of 37 who received the Moderna COVID mRNA vaccine — nearly 3% of the subjects had elevated cardiac enzymes just 3 days after taking the shot, indicating heart muscle damage.

“Our findings confirmed the study hypothesis. mRNA-1273 booster vaccination-associated elevation of markers of myocardial injury occurred in about one out of 35 persons (2.8%), a greater incidence than estimated in meta-analyses of hospitalized cases with myocarditis (estimated incidence 0.0035%) after the second vaccination,” the researchers wrote.

“However, further studies are needed to assess the impact of mRNA vaccine-associated myocardial injury on the long-term risk of cardiac arrhythmias and heart failure.”

The other 0.3% indicated “probable myocarditis” making the total who indicated markers of vaccine-induced myocardial injury 3%.

“No definitive case of myocarditis was found. However, the two participants (both women) with vaccine-associated myocardial injury and chest pain met the Brighton Collaboration case definition Level 2, indicating probable myocarditis in those patients,” the researchers stated.

Though this study found nobody was diagnosed with myocarditis outright, the myocardial injury rate of 3% is still extremely alarming, given that millions of doses of the experimental vaccine were distributed globally.

A much larger CDC study from 2022 citing Moderna’s own methodology concluded that the vaccine-induced myocardial injury rate was approximately 0.001%, or 0.95 out of 100,000 people.

In other words, the myocarditis complication rate found in the Swiss study was 3000x higher than what the CDC reported.

The Swiss study also found that the myocarditis complication rate was higher among women, but was more serious among the men.

Will the CDC address this massive disparity in heart-related vaccine safety results? NO, probably not.

Retired nurse educator Dr. John Campbell broke down this study in great detail on Wednesday: Watch below.

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