The Secret Meeting Planned Coup Against President Trump To Takeover

president trump

It was a secret meeting and planned out in advance as to what they will do to remove

President Trump

and take over the country.

This was the secret meeting you never heard about……….. The “secret meeting” took place While President Trump was in Britain… As the press mocked his “insulting” behavior toward Prime Minister Theresa May…A MUCH more important gathering took place—100 miles from President Trump’s home.

Many sources are aware of it and are very suspicious of the purpose of this meeting. The publishing of the occurrence of this meeting provides anti-Trump, co-conspirators, plausible deniability with what’s about to happen.

I’m convinced that the elites are planning an “economic collapse” and a coup against Donald Trump and this is their way of hiding their intentions in plain sight.

We saw the feds raise interest rates this past week and the stock market took a nosedive.

On July 13, 2018, several of the country’s most influential leaders and businessmen were invited to a secret meeting in New Hampshire… To discuss a major change that affects at least 3 Cabinets and even the Federal Reserve.

In this meeting there were NO members of the Federal Government….. NOT one. Would you like to guess why?

According to this source, “What we discussed, quite frankly, was stunning and it could lead to BIG changes for Americans. I uploaded everything I was allowed to share about this secretive meeting online.”

president trumpThis meeting is being called as Breton Woods II. On the surface, it’s very clear that the economic elite of this country are seemingly intent on collapsing the economy and they’re planning a “post-economic-collapse” plan designed to usher in a new monetary system.

If this was all there was to the meeting, we could easily conclude that this is the New World Order and Deep State’s plan to derail “Let’s Make America Great Again,” in which the economic recovery of the United States, launched by President Trump is catapulting


past all other nations.

China is squealing like a greased pig, the European Union is mired in their own economic mess of their own creation.

Only the United States is showing the economic rebound from a nation that can now economically sustain its own population! Meanwhile, nations like Italy are resorting to implementing Universal Basic Income policies in order to prevent a revolution in their country.

As a result of President Trump’s inspired populism, the criminal elite are one very angered group of globalist governors.

As a result of America’s economic success and renewed pride and loyalty to the United States by the people, a spirit of populism has gone global and the elite are saying “NO MORE”.

Meanwhile, effective global governance demands the take down of the United States. Trump is the major stumbling block to the establishment of the NWO and all of its Satanic plans.

The secret “Breton Woods II” meeting is not just about reforming the nation’s economics in the midst of a planned take down, but , there’s a complete coup being planned.

Please pay attention because there is much, much more going on than the elites having an economic reform meeting, a secretive Breton Woods II meeting.

In July of this year, there were secret meetings held within secret meetings.

americaHistory shows that this type of meeting has happened before and with very catastrophic consequences.

Do you remember Texas Oilman and Subordinate Ally of David Rockefeller, Clint Murchison and His Secret Meeting of Elite Co-Conspirators of the JFK Assassination?

Following the 1963 murder of John F. Kennedy, provable stories began to circulate that Texas oilman and ally of David Rockefeller, Clint Murchison  was involved in the assassination cover up of JFK.

A friend of Murchison, Madeline Brown, who had been having a long-time affair with Lyndon Johnson, claimed in an interview on the television show, A Current Affair, that on November  21, 1963, two days before the assassination she was at his home in Dallas.

Others at the meeting included Haroldson L. Hunt, the number two man in the FBI, Clyde Tolson, and the FBI Director, J Edgar Hoover, the head of Rockefeller-owned Chase Manhattan Bank (the “go-to-bank” for US government foreign loans and domestic military industrial complex financial transactions) and future Warren Commission member, John J. McCloy, and future presidents, Richard Nixon and George H. W. Bush.

After the JFK assassination, Richard Nixon was asked where he was at when JFK was murdered and he said that he could not remember. Later, he changed his story and said he was catching a cab in New York City. Both stories were lies.

Nixon, as uncovered by the late, great JFK researcher, Jim Marrs, found that Richard Nixon was trying to cover up the fact that he had been meeting, in Texas, with other governmental notables, listed above, and they were planning the JFK assassination cover up.

According to Marrs these men were not planning the assassination, that was already in the works as the CIA and their related Mafia interests were already doing the bidding of David Rockefeller and these groups had already set the assassination plan into motion. The aforementioned men were planning a post-assassination cover up and implementation of plans on how to run the new Presidential regime which would be headed up by Lyndon Johnson.

JFK’s murder was necessitated because he was doing away with the lucrative oil-depletion allowance which brought Clinton Murchison into the anti-JFK fold.

globalistsObviously, the Rockefellers were alienated by this move as well. Murchison had been supporting LBJ for years and had become friends with J Edgar Hoover.

JFK was also killed because he was going against Rockefeller interests in the areas of resisting the Vietnam War, the creation of the infamous C Notes which threatened the Federal Reserve’s dominance over the American economy, the cutting back on upper atmosphere nuclear testing (i.e. cutting into Rockefeller defense industry profits), his failure to invade Cuba and his firing of the CIA Director Allan Dulles over the infamous Bay of Pigs failed invasion that JFK refused to provide air cover for.

LBJ mistress, Madeline Brown, told Jim Marrs that in the beginning of the evening LBJ arrived to the meeting and Brown said that LBJ was highly anxious.

LBJ promptly disappeared and then after he had reappeared from the private meeting, he told her in an angry voice that “After tomorrow those *&%&$#@ Kennedys will never embarrass me again – that’s no threat – that’s a promise.”

Jim Marrs recorded these events in his epic book, Crossfire, which was made into the Oliver Stone movie, JFK in 1992. Jim repeated this story in more detail on the Dave Hodges show in 2009.

This New Hampshire meeting contained plans of an executive action against Trump if the midterm election results cannot be used to derail Trump through impeachment.

For months I’ve been hearing rumors regarding an executive action planned against President Trump.

Trump has been aware of these “contingency plans” since shortly after the inauguration. Why do you think he replaced much of his Presidential protection team with members of the Marine Corps?

President Trump knows the Secret Service sold out JFK and he also knows, the price of insubordination to the Deep State and their New World Order puppeteers. President Trump knows he’s a marked man.

president trumpI hear many voice that feel that in the aftermath of the Kavanaugh situation and/or following the midterm elections, a coup, very likely a violent coup will be initiated against the Trump administration.

I’ve also been told that in situations like these, a patsy for the event is being developed.

In the present climate, I would suspect that a radical member of one of Soros’ organizations, or a radical feminist group member will be framed for what could be coming.

Every event of this kind needs a patsy just like Lee Harvey Oswald. If and when a patsy is rolled out don’t believe the false narrative that will parallel the JFK assassination cover up.

One FBI agent told Dave Hodges, we have indeed entered the assassination zone and it is only a matter of time.

Kavanaugh has now been confirmed and if the Republicans maintain the majority in Congress, this agent felt that the administrations awareness of what is coming is what motivated this week’s national emergency alert on communication devices.

President Trump is planning to initiate martial law and the round ups will commence. The only question is, will President Trump get to them before they get to him?

Dave Hodges has been told from a couple of differing sources that a United Nations Peacekeeping force, which will enter the United States in force after the coup has commenced, is being assembled in Puerto Rico. (That information has not been confirmed yet.)

The parallels between the Murchison meeting and the recent Breton Woods II meetings are stunning.

America will never be the same. The two sides are very clear, those who support America and those who support


It is now painfully clear that regardless if Kavanaugh had been confirmed or not, that many people who are alive today to witness the tearing apart of the country, may not be around to witness the conclusion of this great conflict.

globalistsThe Kavanaugh debacle is not the cause of what is coming, it merely hastened the timetable of what was already in progress, a second American civil war.

And sadly, it’s a war of the left’s choosing. I wonder if the conservatives even have the stomach for what is about to happen in this country.

It might sound melodramatic to say “millions will die”, but if conservatives will not acquiesce to the illegitimate will of the minority and submit to globalism, Satanism and despotism, this is exactly what’s going to happen.

It would be a severe departure from logic to think that Soros led forces are not ready to execute plans that have been formulated several months in advance.

The Democratic Socialist Party and its Deep State puppeteers know their views are outside the mainstream. They know that they’re outnumbered. They know that America is waking up to this menace and they know that despite controlling entertainment, news and business and being aligned more closely with the Communist Chinese than the American government, they know that their vehicle of change (ie Democratic Party) is nearly on life support.

Despite the fact that the Deep State controls all the venues of power, they don’t control the hearts, minds and souls of the good people of this country.

And now that this fact is painfully obvious, there’s no alternative… Extreme measures are now called for.

George Soros and an old familiar name, Bill Ayers, are at the forefront planning the coup that will not just be directed at the Trump administration, but at the American people as well.

After Friday’s Kavanaugh vote, Trump warned Senators to not let themselves be influenced by Soros and his evil forces. Wow! Are the gloves ever off. A course for collision has been set.

The stupidity and the mentally ill nature of liberalism is now on full display for all of us to see.

globalistsLiberals believe that they convict people of serious crimes based on inconsistent rumor and innuendo. They believe that the rule of law consists of whatever liberals say it is, whenever they say it.

What due process? What constitution? What rule of law?

When the man who was the inception of Obama’s political career, Bill Ayers, was asked by an FBI special informant (the late Larry Grathwohl) who was sent to spy on Ayers and his Weatherman Underground, asked Ayers what he would do if his communist forces ever took over. Ayers replied that they would imprison 50 million Americans in re-education camps and kill over half of the detained citizens.

No leader is safe (eg. the attacks on Ted Cruz), politicians families are not safe. Nobody is safe.

The answer to that question has already been answered by Rand Paul’s wife:

Mrs. Paul says she sleeps with a loaded gun. America, lock your doors and you might want to do what Mrs. Paul is doing, lock and load.

The next stop in this journey will be a series of false flags and everyone from the FBI to DHS already knows it!

Each and every American is now at war and for those who refuse to believe it, will not likely survive.

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  1. America has been taken over from within and the evil forces that are at the forefront have brainwashed millions of good Americans and have led them to take sides against GOD!
    I praise JESUS GOD for choosing me and filling me with his wisdom and I pray that many other lost soles will call out for help as he will answer!Dont be afraid as GOD will comfort and protect all of his people during this time and in the future. The main thing we(HIS CHURCH) need to do is to pray and live with compassion, mercy,truthfulness and fairness to all, and too LOVE all but hate EVIL. Get involved with someone and spread the truth of GODS FORGIVENESS and love!

  2. jack gilmer | May 9, 2019 at 9:19 pm | Reply

    Like what your doing so keep it up.I am in my 60s a nobody sick but I love God,and we love you.

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