December 11th, 2019 will go down in history as the day that Judaism became a nationality. That’s right. The religion of Judaism has just been declared a nationality by President Trump. On top of that, he signed an executive order declaring antisemitism a hate crime.


I don’t know about you, but to me, a declaration of Judaism as a nation is very significant. First of all, there are no physical borders to this new nation. That means that, like Native Americans, they are a nation within a nation.

Will Jews now get tax free status, free education, and their own judicial, legislative, and enforcement branches? Can anybody who converts to Judaism gain national status? Didn’t we fight tooth and nail a few years back to deny Islam’s assertion of an independent nation within a nation? What about Christians? Who in this country and around the world are persecuted more than us?


What is antisemitism? From what I understand Semites are the descendants of Shem, the son of Noah. But are Semites a race, ethnicity, creed, or religion? In the modern era, the word Semite commonly refers to Hebrews, or, the descendants of Abraham.

For many Hebrews, being a Semites and a Jew are one in the same. If you speak negatively to or of a Jew, you are labeled an anti-semite. Therefore, for the first time in this nation’s history, a religion has not only gained Federal protection, but is declared a nationality. Therefore, any criticism of Jewish beliefs can legally be deemed hate speech.

As a Christian, I have a problem with that. The entire New Testament of the Judeo-Christian Bible can now be deemed hate speech. Preaching against the Jews, who along with the Romans, crucified Christ may now be hate speech and that’s not all.


Many of you may not know this, but the US and Israel are on the verge of signing a security agreement. That means that if Israel starts a war, we are bound by this agreement to fight with them. However, the United Nations will not allow Israel to claim any land they defeat in war. That’s where the new Nation of Judaism comes in.

If Judaism is a nation within our nation, then our wars in the Middle East can expand their nation. Thus, “Judaism” can restore greater Israel if the US goes to war with and defeats Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. Are you starting to see the sinister motives behind this declaration? Where does all of this fit into prophecy?


Allow me to ponder for a moment. In the book of Revelation, Babylon is mentioned and described in two different manners. Babylon The Great is stated to be the city where our savior was crucified. That indicates that Babylon The Great is Jerusalem. However, If Babylon represents Jerusalem, then it’s possible that Mystery Babylon represents Jerusalem being under the authority of American Jews. In fact, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Washington DC is Mystery Babylon. No other city in the world has a stronger Jewish influence.


The Great Whore in Revelation has written on her forehead the name Mystery Babylon. This has confounded biblical scholars for generations. The reason why is that the Great Whore very closely resembles the USA in every way. However, the Revelation of Mystery Babylon has been, well, a mystery. After all, it seems to refer to Jerusalem or Israel.

Little by little, we are unraveling the mysteries of the end times. As the Google and social media technocrats try to shut down God’s truth, our heavenly Father is setting apart and refining his chosen Messengers who are led by the spirit. We hope to continue being able to exploit the deceptions of the Antichrist until our last breath, or until the Lord returns; whichever comes first.

May the Lord’s return come sooner rather than later.

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Jason Morrow
Hello and greetings! My name is Jason Morrow; a proud father of 7 wonderful and talented children from two marriages, writer, political analyst, traveler of 48 states, Canada and Mexico, visionary, and long-time born again Christian of 40+ years and counting. Born in 1968 and educated in Criminal Justice and Accounting, I have acquired a keen eye on recognizing patterns, trends, ulterior motives, subliminal messages, political spin, and disinformation. But it's my God given ability to take that information and put it together like a picture puzzle in my mind's eye which makes everything come together. This unique gift also gives me a vivid prophetic glimpse into the future of the world we now live in and the ability to assess and predict what lies ahead in the days and years to come both realistically and spiritually. Being able to analyse groups of related information in picture form has been the key to my articulate writing ability since childhood, and enables me to, through words, paint a vivid picture in the minds of my readers. So sit back, relax and allow me to take you on a journey which will help you see current events, and the world in general, as you've never seen it. Enjoy


  1. I’ve shared your content and would like to take this moment to remind people that it has never been more important to share the information that God guides you to share. We need to expand our sharing efforts so they reach far and deep into other continents, countries, cities, and towns. Humanity, as seen through God’s eyes, has been under vicious attack for a long time now but only recently, as in the past few months, has it grown enormously worse. Why? Because President Trump, the greatest President of all time and Qanon, whoever this or these great patriots are, have somehow managed to virtually defeat the Deep State and severely injure its many connected evil factions. The enemy is now severely injured and lashing around in the corner like a poisonous snake with its head cut off. We are approaching a really significant victory for mankind and as a result are going to see lashing out like we’ve never seen before. For instance, another major attack on the 2nd Amendment was just announced by American traitor and NYS Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, which you’ll be able to read at I can barely see what I’m writing in this tiny white box so hopefully all of my sentences are intact, completed, and grammatically sound, aside from this massive single paragraph. Please do whatever YOU have been instructed to do by God in this war against American citizens and citizens/patriots throughout the entire world. We can win this but we must unite and defend each other during the enemy’s darkest hour. They are not going to accept a loss graciously. Be on the lookout, prepare, and PRAY. HUMBLE YOURSELF before God and pray! You’ll be astounded by how He intervenes. Pay attention to the deepest of details and God Bless every living human being on the face of God’s green earth, despite being chemtrailed by Satan’s minions. A victory for the human race awaits! Stay strong and never surrender your weapon.

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