“The Mark Of The Beast”

mark of the beast


The Beginning Of A Long Journey To The Truth

In 1996, a friend of mine who I will refer to as J.D. (John Doe), was driving trucks long distance, when all of a sudden a uniquely strange twist of events occurred which would confirm his suspicions about the “rumored” New World Order, which at that time, was only talked about in conspiracy theorist circles. They would also confirm his suspicions concerning the mark of the beast.

Mainstream Media Control Over The Masses

 Since most Americans tend to take the news as reported at face value, J.D.’s assertion of a grand conspiracy to subdue the country and place it under the controlling authority of global corporate elites was simply brushed off as conspiracy extremism.

A New Career Opens Up Vast Numbers Of New Sources

After becoming a long distance truck driver in the early 90’s, J.D. quickly discovered that he was not alone in his assertion that something very big is brewing behind the scenes in the upper echelons of the corporate and government elites. Before there were online blogs, news sources, and social media, there were road warriors. Truck drivers, who come from all walks of life, all regions, cultures, and even nationalities, all have a story to tell.

Old School Social Networking

The Citizen’s Band Radio was the venue by which “conspiracy extremist kooks”, as they were called by Leftist Elites back then, shared their acquired knowledge and experiences with all who would lend an ear. It was clear that a movement was building to bring light to the darkness of the globalist cabal even back then. However, none of these conspiracy theories meant anything without solid evidence or first hand testimonies.

Finally, A Breakthrough!

Then it happened. In 1996 J. D. met a man he only refers to as “The NEO-NAZI”. For all intents and purposes, I’ll refer to him as Walt. J.D. was spending much more time on the road since his recent separation from his wife and began to meet a lot of very interesting people. Walt was the fist of many individuals J.D. would go on to meet in a one year period which would change his life forever.

A Peculiar Conversation

J.D. met Walt at a hotel bar on a weekend layover in Baltimore, MD in May of 1996. After striking up a casual conversation, J.D. quickly noticed that this guy is no ordinary person. Walt quickly began talking about aliens and his interactions with them. Most people would have turned and walked away at that point, but J.D., being an enthusiast of all things paranormal, including the topic of extraterrestrials, dug in and started asking questions. As Walt discovered that he could speak freely with J.D., he invited J.D. to his room for continued discussion. J.D. accepted and proceeded to Walt’s room where they continued the discussion.

The Conversation Deepens

Once in the room, the conversation got much more in depth in detail. Walt went on to talk about many secret organizations and even gave J.D. some background on the secret dealings of then President William Jefferson Clinton who was running for reelection. He bounced around from topic to topic painting a picture of a huge global organization, its agenda, and ultimately, their end game, which was the technological hybridization of the human race. 

The Implant That Will Transform Humankind

Amongst many other things, Walt talked about a frontal lobe implant that will turn ordinary humans into super humans. This implant significantly boosts the host’s metabolism, which also boosts immunity, mental clarity and focus, and the production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which increases the rate of the production and reproduction of cells.

The Pros Of Taking The Mark

The host human rarely sleeps more than an hour or two every couple of days. The benefits to the host include: excellent health and immunity from all illness and disease, superior mental focus, constant high levels of energy,  highly ambitious, unquenchable drive, maximum level of intelligence, longevity of life into the 100’s of years, and even the ability to communicate telepathically with others who also have the implant.

The Cons Of Having The Mark

But it doesn’t end there. These are only the characteristics known to the host. The implant also enables intelligence organizations to have access to and control over all the functions of the host’s brain, including: access to memory banks, control of all hormonal excretions(growth, sexual, emotional, metabolism, etc.), and can even upload or download memories to and from the brain.

The Grim Reality And True Purpose Of The Mark

Walt went on to say that the hosts can often hear voices in their heads and intelligence agencies can surveil their speech and geographical location. Worse of all, they can shut down the host’s metabolism remotely causing death, whenever they feel they are no longer a viable resource to them. It’s a trade-off;  A long, healthy and prosperous life, in exchange for submission to their will and control.

“We”, “They”, And Our Purpose Here

Who are “they”. Well my friends, that’s we are trying to find out and it looks like there are lots of them. Maybe even more than we can handle.

However, our goal here isn’t to stop the progression of the New World Order, or any other type of apocalyptic beast. It is to help you recognize the signs of the times and the evidence that we are in fact living in the last days. That way you may know that final end times great tribulation and other events are very near; even at the door.

Sit Tight; More To Come

Look for me to refer to both J.D. and Walt in future posts. What I included here is only the tip of the iceberg of what Walt shared with J.D., and what J.D. has experienced, and shared with me.

Stay tuned friends, it’s about to get real!

About the Author

Jason Morrow
Hello and greetings! My name is Jason Morrow; a proud father of 7 wonderful and talented children from two marriages, writer, political analyst, traveler of 48 states, Canada and Mexico, visionary, and long-time born again Christian of 40+ years and counting. Born in 1968 and educated in Criminal Justice and Accounting, I have acquired a keen eye on recognizing patterns, trends, ulterior motives, subliminal messages, political spin, and disinformation. But it's my God given ability to take that information and put it together like a picture puzzle in my mind's eye which makes everything come together. This unique gift also gives me a vivid prophetic glimpse into the future of the world we now live in and the ability to assess and predict what lies ahead in the days and years to come both realistically and spiritually. Being able to analyse groups of related information in picture form has been the key to my articulate writing ability since childhood, and enables me to, through words, paint a vivid picture in the minds of my readers. So sit back, relax and allow me to take you on a journey which will help you see current events, and the world in general, as you've never seen it. Enjoy

5 Comments on "“The Mark Of The Beast”"

  1. I wrote about the new implant in this Parody a few months ago! https://soundcloud.com/user262008952/his-bride

  2. Mr. Morrow
    Thank you so much for sharing. There are many that believe in what you say. Thank you for putting it out there for ears to hear and eyes to see. God Bless!

  3. I am on facebook , seriously considering getting off of it. Today I made a comment about Epstein being found dead . Basically I posted i think it was suicide by Clinton , 27 plane rides and I am sure they were not going to an amusement park . As soon as I posted the comment it said this content is no longer available , this has happened 2 times in 2 days . Conservative or differing views from the left wing narrative are no longer allowed..

    • Right now they are removing content from social media which goes along with any conspiracy theory accusing any elites or members of the deep state of any type of corruption or crime.
      Soon, according to our own President’s words, they will be adopting policies to more quickly obtain warrants, arrest, convict, and execute perpetrators of hate crimes.
      Most of America is asleep. We should have marched on Washington years ago. We are now on a race against time to remove the tyrants before they remove us.

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