Obama Killing People To Cover Up Facts

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Ever since the late mysterious death and cover up of Justice Antonin Scalia, I’ve noticed an incredible trail of “ironic or coincidental” deaths that seem to follow the way


and the NWO operate, especially in the Obama administration.

It’s more dark than any murder novel you’ll ever read and the pile of bodies is even higher.

We call this country America, but many times it feels like a rogue dictatorship with little to no facts ever offered to the general public. They seem to act with such untouchable impunity and since the main stream media is so controlled by the elite rulers of this world, you can’t expect much better. (All media is controlled by only 6 major corporations.)

Deaths indirectly connected to the

Obama White House

include such a lengthy list, it’s even harder to doubt so many so-called “coincedences,” of so many people connected to him in some way, could be anything but murder.

Mama Lois” Anderson: 79, and her 52 year old daughter Zelda White, were shot dead in Nairobi in Kenya (2008). Two US women aid workers, retired as former Presbyterian Church missionaries of Pennsylvania (USA), known to thousands of Africans,

The suspected killers of the US women, who were traveling in a car with diplomatic license plates, were allegedly shot dead by police later.

They were well known for their work. There is speculation that they possibly had knowledge of the birth and care for Barack Obama in Kenya and were later murdered to cover the trail. When murdered, the Husband had his full wallet which the thieves/car jacker didn’t take, and there was never a connection made to the said attackers the police later shot dead, but blamed for the double homicide/car jacking.

obamaTheir church was burned in 2008, possibly to destroy any possible birth records there. Then police chief Mohammed Hussein Ali was later removed from office by


supported Kenyan strongman Odinga. All possible witnesses ended up dead, all possible records of the care of infant Obama burned in the church fire, and the public official responsible out of office.

Then, there’s the Camp Bastion attack, were three days after the bloody 9/11 siege on the consulate in Benghazi, the Taliban waged a coordinated, brutal attack on Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. The jihadists released video showing off their training exercises in preparation for the assault. Where were the questions then?

Jeffrey Black, 43, of Coraopolis, was a Chicago activist who claimed that Emmanuel was put into place in Chicago to oversee a coming false flag event. Jeff Black was found dead on the trail below Summit Park Drive shortly before 10 a.m. on Friday. The Allegheny County medical examiner’s office found that he died of blunt force trauma to the head and trunk but has not yet ruled on the manner of his death.

Larry Bland and Nate Spencer: Two other black members of Trinity Church Murdered at the same time.

Andrew Breitbart died of a massive heart attack, walking outside after having dinner with some friends, approximately one week before he was to produce tapes of Obama’s extremist activities in college.

Breitbart said: “Wait ‘Til They See What Happens March 1st”, Breitbart’s Footage Shows Obama ‘Palling Around’ With Terrorists. The allegations he was making were clearly a threat to exposing Obama, the administration and national security.

It was Andrew Breitbart that exposed the Anthony Weiner involved in two sexual scandals related to “sexting,” or sending explicit sexual material by cell phone.

Breitbart also played a key role in bringing forth the resignation of Shirley Sherrod, fired from her appointed position as Georgia State Director of Rural Development for the United States Department of Agriculture.

An eyewitness that actually watched him die, said that Andrew Breitbart’s skin color was bright red. Was Andrew Breitbart assassinated? Was Andrew Breitbart Murdered?

BreitbartThe Coroner said he died of Heart Failure.

It’s uncanny, how many people have either died from “suicide or heart attack,” in this long trail of bodies associated with this administration.

Then the eyewitness, Christopher Lasseter, dissappears. Witness to Breitbart’s death vanishes and follows the suspicious demise of a member of the coroner’s team (possibly in hiding to avoid reporters), Lasseter, the eye witness said He dropped like a sack of bricks. He mentions a “thick white band” around his forehead at the hairline at his death.

An Ex-CIA Agent Claims Obama Killed Breitbart and Tom Clancy.

Tom Clancy died at 66. Actual list of cause of death on his autopsy, “cause of death unknown.”

Dr. Garrow states President Obama had Tom Clancy killed as well and noted that it takes 5 days for plant toxins and most poisons to break down and leave no traces in the human body. Amazingly enough, or coincidentally, the doctors did not perform an autopsy on Tom Clancy’s body for 5 days. (story also linked here ) ; Did Tom Clancy, who died in October… predict Russia’s move on Ukraine in his book “Command Authority?

Doctor Jim Garrow, philanthropist and social worker saving female children from slaughter in China, states he knows that President Obama ordered the murders of Tom Clancy and Andrew Breitbart.

Robin Copeland, 46, (11/4/2011), former Energy Department official who took part in several significant disarmament programs, died suddenly.

Michael Cormier, respected forensic technician for the Los Angeles County Coroner died under suspicious circumstances at his North Hollywood home April 20, the same day Andrew Breitbart’s cause of death was finally made public.

Medical examiners in Los Angeles are investigating the possible poisoning death. Several cry foul after Andrew Breitbart’s ‘coroner’ dies of arsenic poisoning.

Dominic Di-Natale, Veteran Fox News correspondent in the middle east, committed suicide. Covered the Arab Spring, Egypt, fall of Libya and Benghazi. Mysterious Death of Obama Critic and Reporter on Bin Laden’s Death and Ferguson Labeled Suicide.

Tyler Drumheller, CIA officer who exposed U.S. reliance on discredited Iraq source ‘Curveball,’ Figure in Hillary Clinton Email Scandal as well.

Madelyn Payne Dunham, Obama’s grandmother, died 2 days before the general election. Flew up to see her for one hour alone. No records. She was cremated immediately, ashes dispersed.

beverly eckertBEVERLY ECKERT, Continental flight victim, was a 9/11 widow and was at the White House with Barack Obama, part of a meeting the president had with relatives of those killed in the 2001 attacks.

Extortion 17: On 6 August 2011, a U.S. Boeing CH-47 Chinook military helicopter, call sign Extortion 17, was shot down while transporting a quick reaction force attempting to reinforce an engaged unit of Army Rangers in Wardak province, west of Kabul, Afghanistan.

The resulting crash killed all 38 people on board—25 American special operations personnel, five United States Army National Guard and Army Reserve crewmen, seven Afghan commandos, and one Afghan interpreter as well as a U.S. military working dog. It is considered the worst loss of U.S Military life in the Afghanistan campaign.

There were 15 Navy SEAL’s killed. Obama increased special op’s missions from an average of 56 a month to 334 per month

Obama sent my son to his death Tells Michael Savage ‘they knew something was up.’ Mother of slain SEAL on Biden: “He should be in prison for high crimes and treason.”

Families suspect SEAL Team 6 crash was inside job on worst day in Afghanistan. Obama’s Rules Of Engagement Are Killing Our Troops. Feds hide details of Navy SEALs shoot down. Parents are suing for ‘betrayal’ and want the government held in contempt.

LaVoy Finicum, Oregon militia member is shot dead as routine traffic stop leads to LaVoy being gunned down, never even firing at any officer. Escalates into the FBI that ends with leader Ammon Bundy arrested and his brother Ryan wounded. Bundys arrested after confrontation with FBI on highway.

FBI Murdered Oregon Militia Member LaVoy Finicum shot 9 times with His Hands Up.

This article could be a book instead of an article with the deaths surrounding this man and his “administrations” methods and tactics.

navy seals killedOther names of victims who have either “spoken out against” or simply “held views that were antagonistic” to this agenda are:

Loretta Fuddy, Army General Harold Greene, Bill Gwatney, Lieutenant Quarles Harris Jr, Andy P. Hart, Michael Hastings, Barnaby Jack, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Christopher Kelly, David Koschman… and the list contains an additional 30 plus names, too many to cover each one at this point.

A more complete list of “unexplainable” deaths of people connected to president Obama can be found here. (NOTE: Many links and videos have been pulled down.)

This Obama White House has been the most “covert” and deceptive presidency in the history of the world and now the Obama Gun Control Executive Order is coming.

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