Move Over Russian Collusion; Make Way For Pedo-Gate Collusion

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There was always fake news. We only assumed it was accurate because we trusted the networks. Ronald Reagan was elected President in 1980. Back then, I used to sit and watch news with my parents and would point out propaganda and disinformation. I was raised by staunch Democrats, but easily noticed the bias against Republicans. According to the major news networks, Democrats could do no wrong, and Republicans could do no right. Activists were saying that if we elect Ronald Reagan he will lead us into World War III and a nuclear Holocaust. I was flabbergasted that they could even make such an assertion on TV.

I have always had a knack for seeing through fake news. The Donald Trump presidency didn’t mark the beginning of my analytical career. The constant propaganda and disinformation from the left pushed me away from the Democratic Party. By the time I reached voting age, I was a Conservative Republican.


I don’t believe this Jeffrey Epstein indictment is the 1st step in bringing the elite pedophiles to Justice. In fact, in my opinion, it may be the opposite.


Experience tells me that there will be no justice concerning this Elite pedophile ring. The Epstein case may possibly be a prerequisite to use the same tactics Mueller used in his Russian Collusion investigation. In that investigation the Mueller team went after anyone whom they could remotely tie to Russia, who also hasd ties to Trump. Then they indicted them, threatened a harsh sentence, and offered a sweetheart deal if they could implement Trump dishonestly.

In this case, the Southern New York District will do the same. They won’t go after the pedophiles in Washington and specifically in the Democratic Party. Don’t expect Epstein’s long time pal William Clinton to be indicted. Forget that the Clinton Foundation is suspected of trafficking Haitian children out of the country, most of them have disappeared. The prosecutor will look for anyone associated with the Trump Administration who has even the remotest affiliation with Jeffrey Epstein. Then, like Mueller, the he/she will threaten life in prison unless a confession is signed which implicates Trump.


I expect Attorney General William Barr to be attacked. I wouldn’t be surprised if Barr is somehow implicated and forced to recuse himself, as was done to Jeff Sessions.

There is a reason why every single day, the left are bashing, making accusations, and threatening legal actions against Trump. The entire system is corrupt. The career deep State officials, news media, and Democratic Party, and both party establishments are one huge criminal organization. This cartel is fighting tooth and nail to keep Justice from being served on them. Short of an act of God, I’m beginning to believe that only a military or civilian revolt can accomplish.

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  1. Camille Patterson | July 15, 2019 at 4:19 pm | Reply

    I get SO tired of Americans never getting justice for the treason against her people, and for the criminal acts of the elite. I know God will give righteous judgement and there will be an accounting… one day. But good grief, I hate that they flaunt their illegalities for all to see, knowing they will not be held to account by man.

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