Mind Control Attack On America Is Apparent

mind control

Mind Control

Attack On America is not a theory by so-called “conspiracy theorists.”

It’s a specific plan by the globalists/Luciferians who are working the most comprehensive attack on America ever devised.

After 8 years of constant

mind control

efforts through the media and an Obama administration to reshape the semantics and mindset of Americans, we are seeing the results.

Amazingly, the people in America are still not buying many of the lies, but the mere fact that during this election, there were very few people that would admit they were going to vote for Donald Trump, demonstrates the fear of admitting that you disapprove of what’s been happening in America.

Nancy Pelosi is completely off base when she declared after the election was over, “the people don’t want to change direction.” She is still trying to mind bend to the globalists plan.


mind control

over America and the entire world, is so vast and constant, most people have no idea of the extent of the social “re-education” of children, college students and the masses.

Mind control over people is not new.

mind-control-orwellIt’s not just being used by those under the influence of Satan , but now, it can finally be implemented on such a “consistent” and grand scale, making it extremely more effective and controlling nations.

In America, “mind control” began many years ago, but it’s been climaxed during the Obama administration. Brainwashing and mind control techniques have been perfected using mass media.

Americans are either almost “brain dead” or simply giving their opinions based on the “social engineering” of the mind control they’ve been programmed to believe.

One well known YouTuber in southern California interviews people on the beaches and it clearly represents how “programmed” we are now, to think in ways that were not even considered, even as recent as 30 years ago.

Asking random people the most basic of questions, Mark gets answers that are either total guesses or just totally wrongly learned while getting their public school “education.

“What is the capital of the United States of America?,” “What country is Mount Rushmore located?, “Why do we celebrate the 4th of July?,” are just some of the most basic questions asked.

If it was just a few people, we could ignore it as, “oh well, maybe they never went to school,” but it’s NOT. It’s the vast majority of people that have been “educated” in the last 25-30 years in a school system designed to fail.

If you’re going to use mind control to influence their thinking and actions, you must replace real knowledge with “a different reality.” That’s exactly what they’ve done.

Why do we celebrate Memorial Day? The most common answer he received: “Probably barbecuing. And getting drunk.”

What is the capital of the United States? Persons answer: “D.C. stands for Dominican Republic?”

mind control Who is Martin Luther King Jr. and why does he have his own holiday? Persons answer: “I mean…it’s a shame, really…I mean obviously he meant a lot to our country so…that’s about it.”

Another one: “Ah man, he did a lot for black people. He’s gonna be missed, yeah I will be watching the funeral services on TV.”

Yes they’re funny, but they are REALLY pathetic too, since these are the actual things they believe.

They are being “conditioned” through an educational system designed to “dumb them down,” to the point that no one can think outside of the “controllers education”… Believing only what they tell you to think.

Then, mind control at this level also has a “fear component” to it. One interview conducted by Rebel Media on the campus of Ohio State University about the Islamic attack, yielded the proof of what I’m stating here now.

Neither the professor, (also conditioned NOT to say anything outside of the parameters of the mind controllers conditioning) or the students were able to express their opinion, with anything outside of the educational conditioning they received.

Americans have an uncomfortable relationship with smart. They’re perfectly happy to celebrate genius, as long as it doesn’t make them “uncomfortable” or require too much of them.

They’re more concerned that their kids get into college than they are that they’re graded against the kind of standards that might ensure the understanding of important concepts.

Once in college, students really have to screw up to get a D or an F. Teachers practically have to alert psychological counselors if they give anyone anything below a B.

Maybe this is the reason that the show “Brain Dead” was cancelled before it had a second season, because it’s too much like the real world in America now, and they didn’t want people to be “wise to it” by flaunting it in our faces.

mind controlNow we have what can be called “pop intellectualism.”

The worst consequences of the “dumbing down” of America is the hyper-politicization of discourse. This has led to media outlets and debates that are tailored to specific audiences who seek out viewpoints that support already-held beliefs. (The notion that beliefs are more important than actual knowledge is a byproduct of all this.)

So people watching or reading the news tend NOT to see both sides of any issue — much less issues that have more than two sides. The ability to articulate already-popular views are valued more than what is really new or challenging.

Unsurprisingly, this trend’s impact on creativity and imagination in Washington, the epicenter of political polarization and the wellspring from which all litmus tests flow — has been particularly egregious.

The main stream media is clearly an extension of this globalist agenda to re-educate and dumb down critical thinking by all citizens. The goal is simple. Cause anyone who has any opinion or thought that goes against their “semantics and mind controlled narrative,” to be castigated and ostracized from the social norm and labeled.

The term “Islamophobia” was a politically manipulative coinage designed to silence critics of Islamic supremacy. Xenophobia was never used until it was used by the left wing politicians in an attempt to ridicule anyone who didn’t like the fact that dozens of people were being killed by Muslim illegal immigrants.

The Obama administration has been driving that into our society from the first day he took office. Now, his MSM minions have decided they will be the ones to decide what “fake news” is and you can be sure they will never include themselves ever!

It’s all part of the overall plan to gain “total control” over what human beings “do, think, say and care about.” The EU has been warning that they will begin to remove people from the internet that they view as extremists.

mind controlWe are being “pounded” with mind control programming by every means possible. We’re exposed on TV, movies, internet, games, social media etc. The mind control is now obvious and yet many in this world still don’t see what’s happening.

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  1. I’m 72 and was born in 1948. The world was completely different then and I mean different “better”. I have witnessed the country disintegrate slowly over time until it is the unrecognizable entity that it is today. No longer a Constitutional Republic but a Banana Republic and a poor one at that. The fault lies with the Church and it’s leadership that sold out to the Government by filing for 501-c3 status and are controlled by the IRS. Pathetic.

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