Migrants In France Raping Habits Includes Elderly Women

migrants raping habits france

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Several disturbing attacks have been reported on by French media outlets in the last week, with both young and elderly women targeted.

Multiple reports of rapes and attempted rapes by migrants living in France have made local headlines as the continued dramatic rise in sexual assaults and mass immigration shows an undeniable correlation.

French newspaper Le Figaro reported on Friday the demise of a 67-year-old woman who was accosted outside her home in Versailles by an Algerian national on Wednesday evening and then carried forcefully into her home, where she suffered a night of excruciating torture. 

The elderly woman was tied up, beaten, and raped by the migrant before successfully fleeing the home and taking refuge with a neighbor who contacted the authorities.

The suspect was arrested the following day after being caught on video surveillance footage at the scene. An Algerian national of no fixed abode, he was found in possession of the victim’s identity documents, bank card, and various stolen jewelry. It was later reported that the man had been the subject of an unenforced deportation order since February 2022.

He offered only a “no comment” to the police following his arrest and reportedly fell asleep in his chair during questioning.

Another elderly woman attacked

Another victim, also 67, also suffered an attempted rape in the French town of Tours on Sunday afternoon, according to the Valeurs Actuelles magazine. A police source told the publication how an intoxicated Sudanese asylum seeker had been interrupted by a neighbor lying on top of his victim with his pants undone. The victim’s underwear had been ripped off and she had been hit in the face.

The 36-year-old migrant, who was reportedly in a regular situation in France pending an asylum claim, was arrested at the scene and his victim was taken to the hospital for minor physical injuries sustained in the attack.

Third elderly woman assaulted

Also on Saturday, the Actu 17 news site reported how a 21-year-old illegal migrant of unknown nationality was arrested following the sexual assault of a 51-year-old woman as she returned to her home in Avignon on Sept. 14.

According to the site, the suspect had been waiting in the hallway of his victim’s apartment as she sought to enter her home when he approached her, told her he wanted to have sex with her, and pushed her against the hallway wall, grabbing her by the neck and kissing her.

The victim’s screams were heard by a neighbor who came to the victim’s aid and forced the attacker to flee the scene.

Young women also targeted

Meanwhile, Le Parisien reported on Saturday the case of a student at the prestigious ESSEC business school who was raped by a Malian national living illegally in France earlier this month.

The newspaper revealed how the student had been walking home from a nightclub on the evening of Sept. 16 when she was accosted by the suspect and pushed up against a car where she was raped.

Fortuitously, the incident was spotted by two police officers patrolling the area in a vehicle who intervened and arrested the man.

During a police interview, the suspect disputed the allegation of rape, insisting the sex had been consensual after having met at the Duplex nightclub earlier that evening.

The 31-year-old migrant, known as Mady. T., was already known to the authorities for a previous allegation of rape at the same nightclub back in August 2022. He was not charged at that time and was subsequently released from police custody.

Authorities were called and tracked down the suspect, who provided investigators with a false name and had no formal identification on him. After identifying the man, police learned he is living in the country illegally.

Gang rape and acts of torture

The same news site also reported on Friday on the arrest of two individuals on multiple counts of gang rape, acts of torture, and barbarity and extortion following the rape of a 30-year-old woman in an underground car park in the French city of Nice last month.

The two suspects, named Adel A. and Mohamed E., were arrested on Thursday after allegedly torturing their victim before forcing her to withdraw money from an ATM, stealing her bank card, and fleeing the scene on the night of Aug. 12.

Police investigators tracked the bank card and found it had been used multiple times in various locations in the days following the attack; video surveillance enabled them to make a formal identification of the two suspects.

Following their arrest, one of the men confessed to using the stolen bank card and claimed his co-defendant had engaged in a sexual relationship with a stranger.

The pair remain in pre-trial detention pending criminal proceedings next year.

Immigration tied to rise in sexual assaults

As France continues to advocate a liberal migration policy, cases of sexual violence have continued to rise sharply across the country in recent years, according to the latest report by the Ministry of the Interior.

A total of 30,780 rapes were reported to authorities in 2021, the most recent year where records are available, up from 22,770 in 2020, and 12,820 in 2016. 

The dramatic increase in rapes and sexual assaults coincides with a sharp rise in immigration from North Africa, Africa, and the Middle East.

According to the French interior minister’s office, 48 percent of criminal acts in Paris are committed by foreign nationals, while this figure is 55 percent in Marseille.

How long before this becomes the regular atrocity in America? Time will tell.

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