Lawless Strong Arm Final Effort


Well here we go again in this final push by the


of this country in their strong-arm effort to stop Donald Trump… they’ve come out in full force.

They’re arrogant, they’re cocky, they’re pseudo intellectuals who aren’t afraid to come right out and say, “your vote doesn’t count, you foolish little people in America.

The Electoral College votes decide if Donald Trump will be our president and we have these Harvard Law professors joining in the effort to try and turn the electoral College voters in to voting for Hillary Clinton.

Can trump win the electoral college? The left wing Trump haters say hopefully not.

We’ve got the new celebrity video encouraging the electoral college voters to vote against Trump.

We’ve got the never Trump people hitting the airwaves on every network they can get on to try and convince people that Donald Trump is just not fit to be the president… after all he’s never been a politician before. The lawless really don’t hear themselves or how ridiculous they sound with an argument like that.

They still don’t get it… that’s the very reason people voted for Donald Trump. He’s NOT a politician and people are fed up with what politicians have been doing for the last two decades. They believe he will get things done because he’s NOT a politician.

lawlessThe push by the elector left was led by people like Daniel Brezenoff. He has raised over a quarter million dollars to fund: what he claims is for,

Mass media campaign
Web technology
Legal counsel
Office and operations
Support for Electors

He’s another Jill Stein that will walk away with a lot of money.

He says on his website, “Donald Trump represents a unique threat to our Republic and our Constitutional system of government.”

His reasons:

He would be the only president in American history who has never held public office.
He has advocated violating the Constitution, including religious registration and the use of torture
He has advocated stripping Americans of their Constitutional right to citizenship
He has promised to use civil liability attack the free press
He has admitted to sexually assaulting women on tape
He has encouraged violence at his rallies
He has advocated violating international treaties
He has been subject to more lawsuits than all presidents combined, including 75 currently open

Every one of these allegations are NOT true, but then if you follow MSM and believe the “out right” lies and misquotes they reported during the entire election, you might think this guy was right.

electoralHillary’s gone on to bash and blame “everyone and everything” she can think of as the reason she will not be the next president.

But now that the election is over these left-wing liberal Pretenders of doing the will of the Constitution have all come out of the woodwork to try and get everyone to vote against the man who has legally won.

Hillary Clinton is the Lawless champion, she’s the one who hid and destroyed emails, blew off her responsibilities as Secretary of State when our men were killed, including an ambassador in Benghazi.

She attended the Benghazi hearings and maintained her defiant and belligerent attitude of secrecy and non-cooperation.

She maintained her sanctimonious and arrogant attitude all during the campaign. I think most of the American people can see through that and did, but the people who have had eight years of Obama giving them everything they wanted, no matter how immoral or how deceptive it was, Hillary is part of that corrupt system.

But then again, Hillary Clinton has been part of that corrupt system all her life. She only knows politics.

Hillary believed that if she spent more money, in fact five or six times the money that Donald Trump did, that of course she could buy her way in.

And with the number of illegals who voted across the country and in California they figured that was an easy way to help her get in, but it didn’t work.

The bottom line is there are two sets of people in America now… those who have profited and benefited and got their selfish and self-centered ways satisfied through the Obama Administration, they hate anyone like Trump who’s going to make things lawful and just for ALL people.

So the Lawless are coming out in full force for this one final effort to stop Donald Trump from taking the oath of office on January 20th.

Hillary Clinton has already proven that she would stoop to nothing less, than whatever it took to get in, but now that it hasn’t worked out as anticipated, she’ll go the extra step and blame it on everything and everyone but herself. It’s James Comey’s fault… it’s fake news… it’s Vladimir Putin’s fault.

And with all the money that the most Lawless and corrupt billionaire George Soros was able to spend to continually create strife in America, it only made people more aware that this nation needs a change. A real change for the better this time.

TrumpThe people pushing this reverse your vote for Hillary movement, aren’t really afraid Donald Trump will destroy America, as much as they fear their reign of lawlessness will come to an end.

And the globalists don’t want that because they won’t have a man or a woman in the White House who doesn’t answer to them.

This election has been an epic battle of “law versus lawlessness” and we’ll see very soon who wins the final battle for America. And it will be a battle, but anything worth having is worth fighting for.

America and our constitution, with the freedom we stand for is worth fighting for.

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