Kavanaugh Hearing Exposes Evil Of Feinstein Deep State

This obvious attempt to “stall and prevent” the


nomination has been the catalyst of exposing the REAL Evil of the


Deep State

in America.

International messages are pouring in from foreign countries (eg New Zealand, Australia, Germany, etc.), and they are all very negative regarding the ethics of our politicians as the Kavanaugh nomination plays out.

When it comes to the recent Senate confirmation hearing, the “Deep State” in America has really embarrassed itself.

However, if there is a silver lining, the evil that characterizes moral misfits such as Patrick Leahy and Dianne Feinstein are on full display for the country to finally see for themselves.

The True and Evil Nature of the Democratic Socialist Party:

When I watched Feinstein’s performance last Thursday I kept thinking, “how can someone her age be so contrived and dishonest?” She is most certainly both.

Feinstein personifies the vile, gutless and very anti-American nature of the left. If one professes to be a Democrat, they are either woefully ignorant of their party’s satanic nature, or, they too have “sold out” to evil.

deep stateThe Democratic Socialist Party has taken its place among the most heinous groups in history, such as the KKK, ISIS, the Gestapo and the Bolsheviks.

Their leaders are named Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton (if militant feminists want to protest something meaningful, they should be lining up outside of Bill’s home), Obama (pick a crime or a perversion), Podesta (child trafficking), Keith Ellison (physical abuse of women), Comey, Wasserman-Schultz (treason and murder of Seth Rich), Elizabeth Warren (fake Indian who announced plan to confiscate private businesses), Patrick Leahy, Ocasio Cortez and of course Dianne Feinstein.

Their crimes include treason, terrorism (Hillary and the creation of ISIS), money laundering (Comey and Hillary with HSBC), the public theft of private resources (ie abusive, totalitarian government), illegal wealth redistribution (Warren. Ocasio Cortez and Obama), flaunting and destroying civil liberties (Obama and the NDAA), rape (Bill), defending rapists in court (Hillary), racketeering, perpetrators of false flag events, destroying lives and reputations (eg Kavanaugh AND Ford), drug dealing, arms dealing (eg Fast and Furious) and the murder of political opponents (Hillary leads the way just ask the spirits of Jim McDougal and Vince Foster).

Before you write to me and remind me how many Democrats and specific crimes I have left out, allow me to remind everyone, that this is only an article, NOT A LIBRARY.

We are only looking at a couple of grains of sand on a vast beach of evil.

Since 2016, Hillary Clinton has become the symbol of what is wrong with her political party. However, a new leader is emerging and is forcing Hillary to share the evil spotlight.

Senator Dianne Feinstein once held an automatic weapon on the floor of the Senate and told the American people that they were going to take all the guns. Now she’s aiding and abetting espionage from the Chinese government. Her husband is involved in Calexit. The Chinese are involved in Calexit. These are NOT coincidences.

feinsteinFeinstein is indeed the ugly face of the tyranny as represented by the Deep State. This “public servant” is despicable. Feinstein receives Dr. Ford’s letter in July. She holds on to it for maximum political advantage and then it’s leaked to the press, against Ford’s wishes, by her staff a week before the planned vote.

She meets with Kavanaugh on August 20th and says nothing about Ford’s allegations.

The Ford letter, itself, is exculpatory because it clearly shows, in combination without her evidence, that Kavanaugh did not attack Ford. Kavanaugh and Ford were never together!

Feinstein’s actions constitute obstruction of justice and President Trump needs to pursue putting Feinstein in prison. (Along with a “truckload” of high ranking former government people.)

Pleases remember, Feinstein came into the Senate as a millionaire and will leave as a billionaire, all on a public servant’s salary of $170.000! Tell me how that happens!?

Feinstein concealed the fact that she had a Chinese spy on her Senatorial staff for over two decades while her husband made hundreds of millions of dollars selling distressed farm properties to Communist Chinese interests.

Not just the communist Chinese, but to front groups for the Chinese military which is being used as a means to smuggle covert Chinese troops into America presumably in advance of a Red Dawn invasion.

Feinstein says she wants an FBI investigation of Kavanaugh. Feinstein got her wish.

Feinstein needs to be investigated by the FBI for treason, sedition, malfeasance of office, conflict of interest, bid rigging, bribery and fraud.

Hillary Clinton has nothing on this woman, except for the trail of “dead bodies.”

If there’s any good that can come from the Ford fiasco, the silver lining lies in the exposure of the pure criminal actions of Senator Dianne Feinstein.

KavanaughFeinstein did not just become a criminal in response to the Kavanaugh nomination hearing. She is, and has always been, one of America’s biggest criminals to ever hold political office.

I’m concerned for Dr. Ford’s emotional and spiritual well-being and what her life will be like now that she will soon be out of the limelight. I am distressed by the fact that Dianne Feinstein used this poor victim to further her political agenda.

It’s also clear that the evil Feinstein leaked Ford’s confidential letter to the media and Feinstein could care less about the well-being of Ford. Again, this is just one more piece of evidence of how evil Feinstein truly is.

And it’s now clear to me that Ford is going to be discarded like a piece of garbage now that her usefulness to people like Feinstein has faded.

Why isn’t Feinstein putting some of her billions of dollars of ill-gotten gain to help women who are victims of sexual assault. Ford will need even more therapy for a very long time.

Unfortunately, I think her worst days lie ahead as she’s left to cope in private and away from the limelight. I would ask my fellow Christians to pray the same prayer. I ask for the same prayers for the Kavanaugh family who did not deserve, including Brett, what they went through in this process.

I want to say that there are NO winners except temporarily, for Dianne Feinstein and 10 democrats who used these people for their personal and political benefit.

What’s the truth? It is clear that, based on existing evidence, Kavanaugh did not sexually assault Dr. Ford, but someone may have. All of the witness statements point to Kavanaugh’s innocence.

deep stateFord’s yearbook, scrubbed from the Internet, speaks to her partying ways in those days. And before you think I am being judgmental, ask yourself how would you like all of the mistakes from your youth made public?

There were key moments in the proceedings that captured my attention in which Dr. Ford’s testimony can be summarized with the following statements about the night in question:

I don’t remember who drove me to the party
I only had one beer
I don’t remember how I got home.
But I do remember with 100% certainty that my attacker was Brett Kavanaugh.

This string of facts are inconsistent. What makes more sense is that Dr. Ford drank far more than one beer and was the victim of sexual assault and she was confused about who the attacker was.

This is a logical hypothesis given the well-publicized nature of Dr. Ford’s partying habits portrayed in her scrubbed yearbook. This is not a criticism of Dr. Ford. For goodness sakes, she was a kid at the time.

Her pain was apparent through her testimony and she touched my heart. But she didn’t prove her case against Kavanaugh with any kind of credible evidence, at least she didn’t at this point in time.

Subsequently, my thoughts turn to the Kavanaugh girls and Mrs. Kavanaugh as they, too, did not deserve what they got and I pray for their healing as well. Please keep in mind, that I do not support Kavanaugh’s nomination.

At the center of this evil remains Dianne Feinstein. She could have taken Ford’s letter to the FBI immediately. She could have confronted Kavanaugh on August 20th.

She could have seen fit to block the release of the Ford letter that was used for her own political gain. Dianne Feinstein is pure evil and her representation exposing the Democratic party for what it truly has devolved into is the only silver lining in this tragic event.

Finally, is there any doubt about how our country will be governed should these animals seize complete control?

Based on existing evidence, is there any doubt that the elimination of civil liberties would be the least of our worries?

Mass incarceration and ultimately genocide, of the type foretold by Bill Ayers, would visit the shores of the former United States of America.

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