Is CDC Preparing America For Coronavirus Outbreak?


By Mike Adams

We believe the CDC is now preparing America to announce that sustained outbreaks of the CoVid-19 Wuhan coronavirus are happening in America. Recent quotes from the CDC appear to be “gently warming” the American public to the idea that sustained outbreaks in America are inevitable, along with open admissions that the CDC flat out cannot stop them.

Case in point: We now have both CDC scientist Dr. Nancy Messonnier and the head of the CDC, Dr. Robert Redfield, revealing they know coronavirus outbreaks in America are inevitable. As Dr. Redfield explained on a CNN interview.

“So far we’ve been able to contain it, but I think this virus is probably with us beyond this year, and I think that eventually the virus will find a foothold and we will have community based transmission, and you can start to think of it in a sense like seasonal flu, the only difference is “we don’t understand this virus.”

Importantly, when he says “you can start to think of it in a sense like seasonal flu,” what he means is that a new mutation of the coronavirus will hit us every year, and it will keep coming back. He doesn’t mean it’s weak like the seasonal flu.

Most journalists are completely misinterpreting his statement. He means this virus will become endemic in the human population and never be fully eradicated.

His admission that “we don’t understand this virus” is a cry for help, essentially. China is still refusing to grant the CDC access to their data, which means the CDC is crippled in any attempt to understand virus transmission, recovery rates, mortality rates and whether draconian quarantines are even working (hint: they’re not).

Outbreak in China is “definitely not controlled”

As you can see in the video below, Redfield also explains that China definitely does not have this virus under control, which of course completely contradicts what the dishonest media propagandists have been telling us for 2-3 weeks now:

“Right now there’s no evidence to me at all that this outbreak is under control, it’s definitely not controlled, and the sooner we can help [China] get it under control, the better for the whole world.”

He’s right about that point. China’s incompetence in handling this pandemic has enormous implications for the entire world, both from a health perspective and an economic point of view. He continued:

“Our whole issue right now is as I said, aggressive containment to try to give us more time, it’s gonna take one to two years to get that [vaccine] developed and out, to prepare the health systems, to be able to be flexible enough to deal with the potential second major cause of respiratory illness…”

In other words, Redfield is explaining that the CDC is focused on limiting the rapid growth of outbreaks to try to prevent a nationwide pandemic taking place before a vaccine is ready. His phrase “aggressive containment” is the key here. Note that he’s not claiming this can be completely halted by the CDC, because it can’t.

Hawaii keeps popping up as part of the travel destinations among people who are later found to be infected

Across the Chinese language news we’ve been monitoring from Asia, Hawaii keeps popping up as an interim travel destination for people who are later diagnosed with coronavirus in Asian nations. Time after time, those individuals are being reported as having flown from Hawaii. Perhaps this is mere coincidence at this point, but keep an eye on Hawaii.

Although this is not yet confirmed, there seems to be perhaps some surface contamination of airplanes or airports which are used by passengers during transit to and from Hawaii.

Remember that the coronavirus can remain viable on surfaces for up to nine days. It would have only taken a single infected traveler on one airplane to cause enough contamination to infect hundreds of other travelers who later take that same plane (or use the same airport). If you doubt this, ask why there are over 270 passengers on a single cruise ship who now have the coronavirus, which was believed to have been originated by a single infected passenger.

Given that Hawaii is a very popular tourist destination for many Asian nations, it makes sense that the number of Chinese tourists flying to and from Hawaii before the travel restrictions were put in place was significant.

Also, given that there are now over 600 infections outside of China, travelers who visit Hawaii from other Asian nations such as Japan, Singapore and Thailand may pose a legitimate risk of carrying the virus as symptomless carriers (who can spread infections).

Based on journalistic experience, we believe there is a very real possibility the CDC may be already aware of human-to-human transmission taking place among travelers both to and from Hawaii, and that they may be issuing these escalating statements in preparation for a more aggressive announcement that they know would have enormous consequences for the Hawaii tourism industry.

Remember: The coronavirus pandemic has already devastated tourism across nearly all Asian nations, given that mainland Chinese represents the largest segment of tourists in that region. Right now, nobody is going on tours there. In fact, hardly anyone is even going to work. The CDC does not want to cause severe economic consequences for the U.S. tourism industry until they have run out of options for delaying bad news.

We reiterate that we have no proof of any confirmed infections in Hawaii at this moment, and we are not implying that an un-contained outbreak is already taking place across the Hawaiian islands. Rather, we are connecting the dots on clues that keep pointing to travel-related infections among travelers who are exiting Hawaii and flying to various Asian nations.

It might be, theoretically, a single flight attendant who is infected and who keeps working that flight route. It’s too early to tell, but until we know more, exercise caution during any international travel.

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