Is 5G Really Only A Prayer Line To Satan?

5GSilhouette of a Man Praying

5GBig Brother; Or Something Even More Sinister?

When you think of 5G, what do you think about? You probably think about smartphones, TV’s, appliances and electric meters. Or perhaps you think about Big Brother; the government and big tech giants working together to surveil you. I wish that was all we had to worry about.

AI – Artificial Intelligence

Surveilling the entire world over the Internet is a big enough task on its own. Organizing all of that information into individual files and being able to instantly access it on demand will take the help of artificial intelligence. Internet platforms such as Google and social media already listen to you through your phone. Then, they make suggestions to you through email and social media all based on what they record you saying. That alone is scary, but it’s only the beginning.

Satan’s Plan

Always keep in mind that from the beginning it has been Satan’s goal to become the god of this world. What are some things he’ll have to be able to do to accomplish that goal and deceive the world? What can man already do through the use of secret advanced technology? Here are a few:

  1. Control weather ✓
  2. Create natural disasters ✓
  3. Stop natural disasters ✓
  4. Heal the sick ✓
  5. Strike a person dead ✓
  6. Answer prayers

What if I told you that the technology already exists to do the first five items on that list? Answering prayers requires a whole new level of technology. It’s one thing for men to sit at the controls of advanced technology and play God, it’s entirely a different thing to give us the power and capacity to do it. But that is exactly where we are headed.

The Mark Of The Beast

In order for Satan to be able to answer prayers, he will have to get inside of our heads and read our thoughts. That’s where the mark of the beast in the forehead comes in. This frontal lobe implant puts both our conscious and subconscious thoughts on the world wide web. This will bring a whole new level of meaning to the words “thought police”. Here are a few things that this implant will give our government access to and control over:

  1. Bodily functions
  2. Vital signs
  3. Both short & long term memories
  4. Conversations
  5. Conscious and unconscious thoughts
  6. (Possibly) Our DNA

Technology + 5G + AI = God

What makes all of this come together? How will the Antichrist manage the mass amounts of all of this information and use it to play God? The answer is, through the use of artificial intelligence. You are already familiar with social media algorithms which manage/filter content and which posts ads according to your interests. This is just a small scale model of what is coming.

The day is coming when, if enough of us agree in prayer concerning any one desire, Satan, through technology, will make it happen. Everybody with the mark of the beast will be able to do many of the following:

  1. Control weather through prayer
  2. Intercede in stopping natural disasters
  3. Heal the sick, including yourself
  4. Communicate telepathically with others
  5. Gain knowledge just by asking for it in prayer
  6. Remote viewing (seeing through the eyes of others)

In that time, the world will truly be upside-down. Satan will be god, and the children of God will be outcasts. According to the Bible, even most Christians will fall away. No matter what you see, you must learn to trust in the guidance of the Holy Spirit. In the meantime, I recommend getting as far away as possible from smart technology when you pray.

God help us all

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Jason Morrow
Hello and greetings! My name is Jason Morrow; a proud father of 7 wonderful and talented children from two marriages, writer, political analyst, traveler of 48 states, Canada and Mexico, visionary, and long-time born again Christian of 40+ years and counting. Born in 1968 and educated in Criminal Justice and Accounting, I have acquired a keen eye on recognizing patterns, trends, ulterior motives, subliminal messages, political spin, and disinformation. But it's my God given ability to take that information and put it together like a picture puzzle in my mind's eye which makes everything come together. This unique gift also gives me a vivid prophetic glimpse into the future of the world we now live in and the ability to assess and predict what lies ahead in the days and years to come both realistically and spiritually. Being able to analyse groups of related information in picture form has been the key to my articulate writing ability since childhood, and enables me to, through words, paint a vivid picture in the minds of my readers. So sit back, relax and allow me to take you on a journey which will help you see current events, and the world in general, as you've never seen it. Enjoy

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  1. Hi and thank you for information I do really take it seriously, my main concern is if we should stick to 4G phones or doesn’t make any difference to those electromagnetic 5G waves?, God bless you all.

  2. Question? If the flu is caused by a virus, which is supposedly a living organism, why is there a “Flu season” instead of going all year round?

  3. Avatar Nicolene Engelbrecht | November 5, 2019 at 1:14 am | Reply


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