If I were the Antichrist, I would form a network of secret societies that would recruit greedy people. They would be people who lust for prosperity, power, and all the pleasures of life. I’d recruit Atheists at first, then as my network grows I would seduce top politicians, corporate executives, and even priests. I would give them power to become successful and have great influence over great numbers of people. Most of all, I would promise them that someday they will become co-rulers of a New World Order.


If I were the Antichrist I’d put my servants in charge of large networks of banks and other financial institutions. I would use them to favor the corporations run by my people. I’d also target smaller banks to get all financial institutions world wide under my control. I would then pay politicians to pass laws that would roll back banking laws and restrictions. Then I would have them pass laws forcing their governments to do away with their own money. Then I would have them lease all of their currency from my bank and charge them interest. Ultimately, I would take all paper money and coins out of circulation and create a single global electronic currency. The entire world will be indebted to me!


With all currency under my control, corporations would have to bow to me or be financially starved out of business. My minions at the helm of the largest corporations would then seize control over all means of production. How can any nation go to war against my authority with all money and manufacturing under my control?


If I were the Antichrist I would want to control all information and the education of the youth. I would put my servants in control of the News Media, Entertainment Industry, and the Education System. Within a few generations, I would have everyone throwing themselves at my feet believing I am creating a superior world for them and, of course, their children.


If I were the Antichrist I would need to debunk all religions and create a new one of which I am God. I would do that by using my corporate controlled and globally financed scientists to fabricate evidence to disprove the existence of God altogether. Then I would replace all of those religions with a belief system in which extraterrestrials are the supreme beings of the Universe. I would use the entertainment system to brainwash the masses to believe in such science fiction fantasies.


If I were the Antichrist I would have to decisively convince Orthodox Jews that I am their Messiah. With the banking, manufacturing, and all governments, and military under my control, I could secretly develop highly advanced technology. My agents in the media and politics would report the missing money as waste, fraud, and corruption. I’d use this technology to perform all kinds of miracles like the ones in the ancient Scriptures of the Hebrews. Because of my tremendous power and authority, they will accept me as their Messiah.


With the Hebrews and the world now under my thumb, I just need to eliminate my most formidable foe. I will seek out and eliminate all followers of Jesus, whom the world already hates. First I’ll tell them that this man Jesus is a fraud and a heretic. I’ll say the prophesies point to me, (insert name) whom the Jews have correctly identified. Then, with the help of the whole world, I’ll quickly round up Christians by the masses. The streets will be flowing with their blood.


Finally, If I were the Antichrist I would take my rightful seat on the throne in Jerusalem. I would believe that, with the Jews on my side and Christians eliminated, I am now the God of Creation. I would then lift my head to Heaven and proclaim that “I am the God above all other gods!”

If I were the Antichrist, those would be my last words.

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Jason Morrow
Hello and greetings! My name is Jason Morrow; a proud father of 7 wonderful and talented children from two marriages, writer, political analyst, traveler of 48 states, Canada and Mexico, visionary, and long-time born again Christian of 40+ years and counting. Born in 1968 and educated in Criminal Justice and Accounting, I have acquired a keen eye on recognizing patterns, trends, ulterior motives, subliminal messages, political spin, and disinformation. But it's my God given ability to take that information and put it together like a picture puzzle in my mind's eye which makes everything come together. This unique gift also gives me a vivid prophetic glimpse into the future of the world we now live in and the ability to assess and predict what lies ahead in the days and years to come both realistically and spiritually. Being able to analyse groups of related information in picture form has been the key to my articulate writing ability since childhood, and enables me to, through words, paint a vivid picture in the minds of my readers. So sit back, relax and allow me to take you on a journey which will help you see current events, and the world in general, as you've never seen it. Enjoy

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  1. David Edward Maas | November 8, 2019 at 5:01 pm | Reply

    My name is David, and I grew up in what I considered to be a Christian home. I attended the first 9 yrs of my education at the Lutheran School attached to our church. I thought I was “saved” because Christ forgave me of ALL my sins. It was not till much later in my life I began to question those 9 yrs. God brought it to that absolute forefront of my thoughts that I needed HIM (through many sources HE placed in my life) to know HIS SON’S truth. Many experiences led me to a point when GOD proved to me beyond any doubt that a “so-called” magic man did, in fact, use evil spirits to aid in his “act” This happened many years ago , and since that day I have visited thousands of websites for the truths God wants me to Know and share. Thank You Jesus and those in HIS body for showing me more each day.

  2. I was following you until I came across your flat earth hypothesis. All scientific evidence and common sense shows the earth is round … “a circle suspended on nothing”, like all the rest of the planets, moons, even the sun itself. If you follow the same latitude or same longitude around the earth, you wind up at the same starting point. The pagans and uneducated people believed in a flat earth, but scholars who studied navigation and the stars, knew that was not the case. What convinces me the world is round is, one – the Bible says it is, two – emperical and scientific evidence proves it is. If the world was flat, the basic laws of physics wouldn’t work. If the world was flat we could erect high towers visible in all directions to the edges of the circle with powerful telescopes, but we can’t. Also radio and telecom signals only travel so far because of the earth’s curvature and need towers to extend the transmission range BECAUSE the earth is round. The shuttle and satellites that go around the earth show us pictures and video plainly showing the earth is a globe. One thing that convinces me you are weong is you are basing your hypothesis and calling it the truth on an apocryphal book, whose author and origin are questionable. For me there is only One who is Truth … my Lord Jesus Christ. His Holy Spirit guides me into ALL Truth, not man’s interpretation of it. I know who and what God is, because He told me. He told me, because I asked Him while still unsaved, and what He told me led me to His right side. One dead giveaway that the flst earth theory is from Satan, is because Islam and it’s false prophet say the world is flat. BUT, the greatest and most convincing proof, is the fact God showed me the world is round, a globe … and I have a Peace which passes all understanding about this, so can boldly say … You Are Wrong. If a prophet is wrong even in one thing, he is not a true prophet of God, that is why I no longer follow your channel, just so you know.

    • Ronald, This is an acute case of “cognitive dissonance.” Your reasoning and NASA cgi pictures are really all the “science” you will ever be able to produce for your “reasoning.” You mention the “scholars who studied navigation and the stars…” I consider Albert Einstein one of those and he said, “Common sense is what tells us the earth is flat.”

      My science is the Bible. After all, God is the One Who created everything that men now “label” only as science. They can’t create… ONLY “label” and “manipulate.”

  3. Yes indeed it is strikingly similar to Paul Harvey’s video “if I were the devil”
    Have you ever heard the expression, “There’s no reasoning with mad dogs” Sadly, it’s come to that point where Truth itself is despised.
    It’s hard for me to fathom how Most of the Churches have played into the lies of the heliocentric doctrine, forsaking the truth concerning creation an attempting to serve two masters. How can anyone say they believe in God and call him a liar at the same time?
    “Let God speak the truth whilst every man be a liar. Practically every time I’ve mentioned Flat Earth, I’ve been met with hostility. Anyone who TRULY believes and loves God must also love The TRUTH.

  4. Reminds me of Paul Harvey’s “If I Were the Devil” back in the late 1960s!

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