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Original Article by Jamie White

It’s very sad to me that most people don’t understand how quickly we are entering the dystopian 1984 society. The globalists planned it during Event 201 and rehearsed it during that event in 2019 and ever since then, the takeover of humanity and destruction continues unabated.

Big Tech and the UN are laying the groundwork to completely eliminate independent media from online search results.

Google announced last week the release of a new censorship platform in partnership with globalist organizations like the United Nations and World Health Organization.

Google News Lab head LaToya Drake said Google has partnered with the UN, WHO, and other globalist organizations to develop new censorship tools she calls “Fact Check Tools” aimed at “improving information quality.”

The Google News Lab bills itself as “a team within the Google News Initiative whose mission is to collaborate with journalists to fight misinformation.”

What’s the Google News Initiative (GNI)? Well, it’s a Google program that “works with publishers and journalists to fight misinformation.”

In a video released earlier this month, Drake encouraged “fact-checkers” and approved journalists to leverage Google’s digital tools like “Data Commons” designed specifically for them to help “verify the authenticity and accuracy” of news and reports.

These “fact-checking” and censorship platforms will target criticism of the following subjects:

  • COVID-19 statistics
  • World Bank
  • FBI’s crime statistics
  • Global warming statistics by the World Health Organization and the United Nations

Google’s censorship initiative is part of a years-long plan outlined in the UN’s Global Digital Compact proposal aimed at controlling the flow of information online, including shutting down narratives not approved by the global body.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres outlined in the Global Digital Compact’s “Content Responsibility” section that Google will use its censorship tools to “limit the reach of misinformation/disinformation, violent extremism, and other harmful content.”

Core to our mission is providing trustworthy content and opportunities for free expression across our platforms, while limiting the reach of misinformation/disinformation, violent extremism, and other harmful content. These are not easy issues, which is why we support collaborative efforts that enable companies like Google to continue the work we are already doing to develop clear and transparent policies and enforce them without regard to political party or point of view. We work to raise up authoritative sources, and reduce the spread of harmful content, in recommendations and elsewhere.

Teams across the company work in a variety of roles to help develop and enforce our policies, monitor our platforms for abuse, and protect users from everything from account hijackings and disinformation or harassment campaigns to terrorist content and inauthentic activity. Beyond our own platforms, Google’s Jigsaw team is also developing new approaches to proactively protect the integrity of information across the internet through initiatives like disinformation “prebunking”, and building tools that allow other platforms and organizations to identify and remove toxic comments or violent extremist content before it spreads. Jigsaw’s tools are free and open-sourced, and its research is regularly published to benefit the broader ecosystem.

The rollout of these new censorship tools comes right as the 2024 presidential election primary is heating up with only 15 months left until Election Day.

This is the latest instance of Google and the UN laying the groundwork to completely ban independent media from online search results in favor of UN-approved talking points promoted in Google’s Data Commons

It should be pretty clear by now to almost anyone, that sovereignty and personal freedom is being controlled, and that the globalists goal is to funnel us all down into a hive mind. Never again allowing anyone to think outside the box they maintain. Never allowing anyone to challenge their narratives.

This is quickly becoming a very dystopian world.

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