What The Globalists Won’t Tell You About The Gulf Oil Spill


We know the


have an agenda and the Gulf Oil disaster is evidence of that. I get really disgusted that the lies just continue and are actually increasing as the globalists take over america.

I’m not just talking about the politicians and the so-called leaders of our country…. No, I’m talking about the lies that the the elite and globalists that control these companies perpetrate, and think they can do whatever they want and get away with it, because for right now they have been.

Globalist agenda 2016 and now into 2017, has been thumbing their nose in our face just as much. Who are the globalist elite? Globalists who are they? I don’t have a list of globalists, but it wouldn’t help even if I did.

Many have never heard their names, but some are well known. The Rockefellers, Rothchilds and of course, George Soros.

Just like their policies to shape the world, the Corexit toxic poison BP used also has done great harm to more innocent people again!

Most people probably don’t even remember the 2010 Gulf Oil disaster, but 7 years ago the largest oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico took place and what happened after the oil was dumped into the Gulf of Mexico, in a quantity that nobody really knows, something even worse was used to “supposedly” try and clean it up.

I realize that for those of you who don’t live anywhere near the Gulf of Mexico, you could care less, but for those of us who live anywhere in the region of the Gulf of Mexico, where the wind blows in our direction every day……… it’s a nightmare.

globalistsWhen the globalists run the country and the world act as they do, they are above the laws…… because they’re the same globalists who literally make the laws.

This is why British Petroleum or BP, didn’t have to tell the EPA or the public what’s in the toxic dispersants they used to supposedly clean up the oil.

You see, they don’t care about our environment……. all they care about is the public perception and that’s why they used these poisons to get rid of the oil, because the oil is visible and would always get the public in an uproar and remind the public about the incredible oil spill disaster.

When the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded, BP was faced with a choice; let the oil float to the surface….. reach the shore and allow the world to see the full scope of the damage, or hit as much of the oil as possible with toxic substances called dispersants to break it up into trillions of tiny droplets, keeping some of it from reaching the surface and making landfall.

But in the process, killing more sea life than the oil might have destroyed by itself.

Of course BP chose to spray the dispersants and by the end of July 2010, they used a record 1.8 million gallons of dispersants spraying them on the Sea’s surface and injecting them directly at the well site, a technique never tried before……..

You might ask yourself, how was BP able to pump the gulf full of chemicals that have never even been tested for human and environmental safety?

It’s because of a law the globalists put together 34 years ago the governs the use of tens of thousands of hazardous chemicals. Under the act, companies don’t have to prove that substances they release into the air or water are safe, or in most cases they don’t even have to tell you what’s in the product they’re using…….

In the case of dispersants companies have to ask the EPA for permission to use specific products, but the only basis for approval is whether those products are effective at breaking up oil.

globalistsCompanies are required to test the short-term toxicity of the dispersant and the oil dispersant mixture on shrimp and fish, but those results have no bearing on an approval and there’s no requirement to assess the long-term impact…….

In fact, it’s the EPA that must prove an unreasonable risk if it wants companies to disclose what’s in the dispersant………hard to do when the agency, you know, doesn’t know what’s in it.

BP used chemicals called Corexit. The illinois-based company, Nalco, who made the chemical, said, “they’re no more dangerous than common household cleaners like dish soap”…… it’s pretty interesting since many of the chemicals in those cleaners haven’t been tested for safety either.

The EPA administrator, Lisa Jackson, acknowledged that the impact of using dispersants underwater and in large volume were largely unknown.

Under heavy pressure, the manufacturer finally gave up a list of ingredients and one of them is 2-butoxyethanol, a chemical that can cause liver and kidney damage and other health problems……

Later on the EPA did start to test Corexit for toxicity, but one senior scientist at the National Resources Defense Council said, “that’s a little bit like closing the Barn Door after the horse is gone……”

So, what are the environmental hazards that have happened to our sea life and not only our sea life, but the human beings living around the Gulf from the use of Corexit?…….

Well, it’s been proven toxic to fish at all life stages from eggs to larval fish to adults according to numerous laboratory studies.

Dispersants and dispersed oil are particularly toxic to Coral……. sea turtles……… it affects their organs interferes with digestion, excretion and respiration.

It damages the insulating properties of the sea birds feathers more than untreated oil making the birds more susceptible to hypothermia and death……….. it’s toxic to the birds eggs.

globalistsAnd what about human beings?

The chemical toxins may cause injury to red blood cells, kidney or the liver, with repeated or excessive exposure…… and anyone living near the Gulf region is going to be exposed……… they can’t help it.

These toxic chemicals were sprayed on the 11 million gallon oil slick created by the Exxon Valdez spill and cleanup workers reportedly suffered health problems including, blood in their urine as well as kidney and liver disorders……..

The spraying of these toxic chemicals makes this the largest use of such chemicals in US history. The globalist agenda is to tear down any nationalism. Who is behind the new world order? Members of the global elite.

Just at the beginning of this month, Yahoo put out a report on their Newsy site about the Gulf of Mexico’s dead zone.

This dead zone measures more than 8,700 square miles about the size of New Jersey.

See what I mean about the spin and the lies……… now they want to blame the runoff from farming and our weather……..it rains too much.

There just doesn’t seem to be any room in this world system for the truth anymore.

Fortunately for those of us who know the truth, we don’t have to believe the lies and just accept their constant deception.

There is a day of reckoning…… a day of judgment…. a time when these globalists and elites will answer for the destruction of Earth and mankind.

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