Geoengineering Chemtrails Are Causing Serious Health Problems


We are exposed to many things that are within our control, but the one thing that we don’t control are the


spraying of our skies. The very air we’re breathing is being poisoned!

I’m really done trying to convince the “decided ignorant” that they are spraying us with “chemtrails in the sky.” This is the MOST insidious assault on humankind I can imagine. (Other than nuclear war!)

WATCH VIDEO if you think “chemtrails” are just “normal exhaust” from jets…

The worst part is… it’s deliberate, intentional and even sanctioned by past governments. Let’s hope that our current President will change all this!

The facts are real. I’ve been experiencing real upper respiratory issues for several years now. When they spray the geoengineered particles sin the sky, I have the symptoms of extreme sinus and nasal irritation (unlike the typical allergy symptoms.)

Many people have experienced the “flu like” and “low energy” symptoms of


as well. The worst part is… they are a totally “man made health problem!” So question is “why chemtrails are being used?”


is being done on a massive scale that only people and groups with nearly unlimited funds could undertake.

Is there such a debilitating condition as “chemtrail flu”? Or can the symptoms build up to the point where you feel the exact same way as if you do have the flu? There is such a malady medically documented and called “multiple chemical sensitivity” (MCS), which often produces flu-like symptoms in most people who are affected by it, especially during its acute stage(s).

geoengineeredAllopathic medicine has a love affair with chemicals because their ‘quiver’ of medicines are made from toxic, manmade chemicals (prescription-pharmaceutical drugs) so, physicians and researchers, who deal with pharmaceuticals, cannot and will not, declare chemicals are the cause of ANY health problems.

List of chemicals in chemtrails:

Chemtrails, being laden with super-toxic chemicals and heavy metals, plus other ‘ingredients’ like mycotoxins, mold spores, mycoplasma, human white blood cells-A, desiccated human red blood cells, etc. [1], probably can mimic MCS (“multiple chemical sensitivity”) symptoms, especially since everyone has to breathe chemtrail-laden air particles, all while the human immune system is being assaulted by these horrendous toxins.

Some call chemtrail flu “chemtrail syndrome.” publishes a litany of symptoms on its webpage “Chemtrail Syndrome: A Global Pandemic of Epic Proportions:”

What are chemtrails doing to us? The truth about chemtrails:

Here’s a pretty comprehensive list of symptoms associated with chemtrail spraying. Each symptom has been identified by various individuals who have clocked their occurrence with the onset of chemtrails being laid down over their homes or businesses. This list has been organized in a descending order, with the most commonly experienced symptoms at the top.

Brain fog
Low energy
Compromised immunity
Difficulty paying attention and concentrating
Skin discomfort/irritation
Joint pain
Muscle pain
Asthmatic (Breathing difficulties)
Memory loss
Eye problems (blurred or fuzzy vision)
Liver problems
Gallbladder dysfunction
Tinnitus (distant ringing in ears or high pitched sound after spraying)
Neck pain
Scratchy throat
Allergy symptoms
Hay fever out of season
Flu-like symptoms [CJF emphasis added]
Susceptibility to colds
General weakness
Lightheaded or faint
Shortness of breath
Anger/Rage/Frustration issues


The crowded waiting room at the South Central Family Health Center in Los Angeles, CA as patients wait for medical care.

The mainstream media is reporting that hospital emergency rooms are jammed with patients suffering from a “bizarre upper respiratory infection” that doesn’t quite seem like a virus.

They’re reporting that it’s a “mystery” flu and that the flu vaccines are ineffective against it. (I wonder why?)

Mycoplasma is not really a fungus, it’s not really a bacteria, it’s not really a virus. It has no cell wall. It goes deep into the cell nuclei thereby making it very difficult to mount an immune response against it.

It’s a man-made biological weapon. The patent report explains how it causes chronic upper respiratory infections that are virtually identical to what’s going on right now.

The most important question that few seem to be asking is “why are chemtrails being sprayed?”


Here’s online patent information for a pathogenic mycoplasma isolated from AIDS patients.

Another of the chemtrails ingredients, barium, can produce adverse symptoms affecting the nervous system and flu-like symptoms.

When barium accumulates in the body, it usually affects the functions of the nervous system. Barium poisoning displays symptoms that are similar to flu, which is why it’s not strange to find the condition misdiagnosed as flu.

Common symptoms of barium poisoning include:

1. Muscle weakness and tremors
2. Difficulty in breathing
3. Stomach irritations accompanied by diarrhea
4. Anxiety
5. Cardiac irregularities such as abnormally high blood pressure and rapid heartbeat
6. Paralysis

What chemicals are in chemtrails? According to Russ Tanner, there are several Types of “tastes and smells” that indicate chemtrails:

Salty Metallic, Iron/Aluminum, Drywall Dust, Acetone, Swamp Water, Pharmaceutical, Sulfur, Blunt Metallic, Metallic Chemical, Pesticide, Freshly-Cut Grass, Dryer Sheets/Fabric Softener, Model-Cement/Burnt Plastic, which he describes on his webpage.

chemtrailsPersonally, I think Russ’s chemtrail types are a great identification process, which may explain much about the abnormalities we experience in outdoor ambient air quality.

Here are some little-known ‘facts’ about chemtrails:

In a bill [H.R. 2977] introduced into the 107th U.S. Congress in 2001, chemtrails were referred to as an “exotic weapons system.”

Supposedly, chemtrail spraying over humans in the USA gained its legality from U.S. Code Title 50, Section 1520 which gives the Secretary of Defense authority to order testing “involving the use of a chemical agent or biological agent on civilian population” for research purposes. We’re being used as lab rats! This is nothing more than elitists and globalists who value only their lives and not ours!

That should be brought to the attention of every member of the U.S. Congress and changed immediately!

Mike Blair, a Washington reporter, wrote that “chemtrails” actually are “anti-bacteriological warfare chemicals being tested by the federal government.”

So what can we do about chemtrails to protect ourselves?

I suggest maintaining as “chemical free” a lifestyle as possible, including food, water and personal indoor home environment.

No scented candles, etc., since chemicals and artificially created chemical scents compromise the immune system. Always launder new clothing before wearing it. (It’s impregnated with chemical ‘sizing’.)

Eat as nutritiously and organic as possible. Avoid processed and junks foods, including restaurants which serve GMO foods all the time.

Cut back on red meat and include more raw organically grown foods in your diet.

Detoxify your body gently or under medical supervision, and supplement your immune system.

Removing heavy metals and toxic chemicals, which we all have NO thanks to chemtrails, can make a person very sick, if not done properly and gently.

Lastly, please be an activist and work to stop chemtrails globally, not just spraying over the US.

chemtrailsA great resource of chemtrail information is Dane Wigington has worked for several years now to educate and lobby to get these aerosols STOPPED!

Educate your family and friends about chemtrails. Even though they’re not “what family and friends want to hear about,” it’s a reality and if we don’t do anything, who will!


Chemtrail Illnesses

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8 Comments on "Geoengineering Chemtrails Are Causing Serious Health Problems"

  1. Hi Steve – In the name of Jesus, it seems all we can do is wait for His 2nd Coming. The infrastructure/technocracy control the elite have on us now is beyond imaginable. The commie bureaucrats are seemingly untouchable due to their sheer number and degradation of being bought and paid. The elite have successfully and cunningly contrived this satanic Plandemic ‘event’ which is unbeatable without Divine intervention by The Lord or his appointed among us.
    If you are real I salute you. Almost twenty years ago I wrote similar words to Russ Tanner of New York and then of Maine, mentioning back then that I was wondering if he was actually a shill. He was exasperated and said he hated shills.
    I first became aware of chemtrails appearing in California at the turn of the century, then working east to completely geo-encompass the USA – Now worldwide. I remember vividly what a clear sky looked like 20 years ago. But this is frightfully lost on our new generation of people who aren’t old enough to recall. Even old movies have been edited to show ‘planted’ chemtrail skies.
    As Russ Tanner says, what is dropped from above us eventually comes down and we suffer from it.
    Regarding possible protection from the aerial assault, it seems there is only what is affordable by those with extremely deep pockets. Purchase of filtration systems capable of handling nano size particles and that volume necessarily entailed is way beyond what most Americans can muster. Exposure time to those chemtrail drops is probably of most importance. Thus – if you have such shelter, spend most of your time there. Lately, I believe all restraints are off the table and they are dropping obscene amounts of unlimited, hurtful-quality contaminants upon us.
    as I alluded to above, I believe the ‘Plandemic’ IS chemtrails. The plandemic is merely a perfectly timed event acting as a smokescreen to distract the world so their plan may proceed unimpeded… Time is short.

  2. Judith Smith | May 22, 2020 at 11:05 am | Reply

    Thank you so much for your work. Its so frustrating so many people are ignorant of this or will
    argue its just exhaust from the planes without doing the research or questioning these unbelievable destructive trails. One of these persons questioned her physician about it who said “Yes, its true!” then discussed it with her.

  3. HerbsPlusBeadWorks has good info, still working channel but hasn’t posted in 6 months, but Tony has vast knowledge on Morgellons because he has it.

  4. gail mazzotta | March 5, 2019 at 7:29 pm | Reply

    The most information I’ve seen on Morgellans was on the website. I had never heard of it before and a plethora of people describe it and remedies that gave them some relief. Best of health to you.

  5. I’ve had constant ringing in my ears and skin eruptions mostly at the back of my neck , and on my scalp,wherever there’s an eruption on my scalp , my hair falls out! I actually have several bald spots and it takes months for the hair to grow back, along with sore neck cronicaly ,I’ve always been very healthy,this has all been occurring over the last 6 month’s, when I first moved to Florida I noticed there wasn’t any Chem trails, now 3 year’s later I see these very large aircraft at night leaving these trails, the next day it’s very cloudy ..

    • Unfortunately, all too common Jennifer. These symptoms are VERY typical for constant exposure to heavy metal toxins… among others.

  6. If anyone hear knows of a cure or remedy for “Morgellons”; being the malady the chemtrails create if one’s immune system gets too run down – could you please post it below in response to this. They are turning us into controllable cyborg/robots in a complete package with torture included. I’ve heard that everyone will become “targeted” at some point after 5G – not sure if that’s true: seems like elite would have an out of some kind.

    Also, if you know of an out of some kind, that would be wonderful to know as well. God Bless!

  7. I have been experiencing soreness and ringing in my left ear for the last three days. It is miserable. The article here made sense and explained the ringing and soreness.

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