Election Is the Flashpoint for America’s Existence

americas election

Too many Americans can’t see that this

election is the “flashpoint” for America

and her survival. This could very well be our “last election” ever!

Like a mother finding out that the son she raised all his life, turned out to be a mass murderer, many Americans don’t want to even consider that one candidate may just be the biggest “fraud and criminal” the country has ever witnessed.

Not only may Hillary R. Clinton be the biggest criminal in American history, but she may have done more damage to the security and future of this country than any other woman alive today.

It’s not just about an “email scandal,” but it’s about the lies, cover ups and “reason” she even decided to violate government rules to have a “private server” in her bathroom in the first place.

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s criminal and immoral past have been documented fairly well, but the one thing they have going for them is the American people’s very short memories and the fact that many people of voting age now, weren’t even born when the Clinton’s started their life of crime, graft and murders.

hillary clintonShe is right about one thing she says, “She has lots of experience.” Only the experience she has is learning how to “most effectively cover up” every type of criminal and evil activity perpetrated against individuals and the public.

The body count of Clinton enemies is dozens. Documented cover ups and “mysterious deaths” of people who would give testimony against them in cases they were going to be prosecuted in, is greater than a mob family novel.

As of today, new Wikileaks have been released that the Clinton Campaign Chairman Practices Aleister Crowley Black Magic!

According to long time former aid to the Clinton’s, Larry Nichols said, Hillary would fly to California to attend a witches coven monthly to every two months while she was first lady.

The irony of the election is that the main stream media, which is completely an extension of the globalists, have consistently “omitted the facts” and pertinent information that exposes Hillary Clinton for the traitor, liar and corrupt person she really is.

And the very things she accuses Donald Trump of being and saying, are the very things she does and says in reality. (She learned this tactic many years ago from her mentor, Saul D. Alinsky in his “Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals” book.)

This further exacerbates the people from really understanding the criminal candidate they hear at her rally’s.

hillary clintonHillary Clinton started her life of immorality and crime early on and has only perfected her deception, lying and intimidation of anyone who would stand in her way in her effort to grab all the money and power she can.

Before I go any further, i must point out that the American people have been being deceived long before the Clinton’s rose to power.

The “globalists” have been plotting and planning to control the planet for centuries. This has been the hidden part of reality for most people. But this election has changed the hidden things and forced them to come to light.

Donald Trump made comments 11 years ago that were wrong, carnal and sexually inappropriate. What did you do wrong 11 years ago that you are ashamed of now?

But, the way Donald Trump has acquired his financial fortune is NOT the same as the way Hillary Clinton has done it from the beginning. She has been doing things that were shady, underhanded and down right illegal for decades.

That will only get worse when she has total power to silence ANY voice of dissension raised against her corruption.

hillary rallyThe “ignorance” of the facts against Hillary Clinton is due to two main things I believe. 1) The total control of America’s media NOT reporting anything negative about her and 2) The apathy of Americans and spiritual state of depravity they’re in. (I’ve covered some of these things in a recent video.)

So, we as a country, through the last 8 years of an Obama administration have been standing back watching the country be stripped away by “executive orders” and Obama giving the globalist’s agenda first place in the United Nations OVER our own country.

We’ve had a congress and senate that preferred money and power over the good of the country, leaving a globalist agenda free rein with literally no check to stop it’s cancerous growth.

And now with only 4 days to “def con,” (at the time I write this article) we have strong evidence of voter rigging, electronically and outright voter forms being destroyed.

America is definitely at a “flashpoint.” Russia has warned that if Hillary gets into the White House, she will attack and they cannot allow that to happen. Russia does not bluff. They are NOT like Barack Obama. They mean what they say.

russia war Not one word from the American media about the REAL threat of nuclear war with Russia. Just the continuing drumbeat of Donald Trump’s insensitive and sexual comments of 11 years ago.

The facts are there for anyone in America to see, read and hear about the decades of criminality of Hillary and Bill Clinton, but many are turning a deaf ear to all of it.

Way too many people are content to live in their “false paradigm” of the last five decades where we have convinced ourselves that living as if the rest of the world was not as good as America and we deserved to be great, will come crashing down if Hillary Clinton gets into the White House this time.

Not understanding her “corruption, evil and treachery,” will cause the destruction of America.

If not from nuclear devastation from Russia, China or Iran, it will come from the civil disobedience to a tyrannical dictator named Hillary Rodham Clinton.

She is simply a “globalist” and possibly the most evil woman to ever live on this planet, with the potential to do more harm to mankind than any woman in earth’s history.

My prayer for this country is that God will awaken the people to “choose life” rather than death, if not for a season of reprieve.

election People claiming to be Christians who say they’ll vote for Hillary are NOT awake, but they are deceived.

They feel they’ve taken a “moral high ground” over voting for Trump, but what they’ve done is help to seal their fate by allowing evil to rein. If you’re one of those “so-called” believers, watch my video and think it over again before you make a HUGE mistake!

This Election Is the Flashpoint for America’s Existence!

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  1. Frank Peterson | November 6, 2016 at 11:34 pm | Reply

    Sad but true. I tell others that this IS the most important election in our lives for America. The scary fact is that from what the informed have seen is that the corruption of this election reaches from the Oval Office on down. The Fear is that even if the vote is overwhelming for Mr Trump that there is a plan to make it APPEAR that Hillary Clinton won. All that can be done is Pray and go vote in record numbers for Mr Trump. No matter what the outcome,remember GOD is in control!

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