Deep State Double Cross – President Trump’s Genius Shines

President Trump

Is the

deep state

being exposed in spite of the efforts to continue concealing the truth? Has President Trump turned the tables on the Deep State? Is President Trump a genius?

It’s starting to look that way!

Are several top government officials under sealed indictments? Did US marines land at Langley to arrest Deep State operatives at the CIA headquarters? Is it true that key Deep State operatives have been roughed up in order to gain cooperation? Let’s see where we now…

Deep State-Sourcing the Criminals:

There are two broad categories where we acquire information of the facts: (1) open source intelligence information from which about 75% of all intelligence comes from; and (2) publicly disclosed “insider” information from many different sources that has been made public. However, there is one piece of information that’s been disclosed that has not been properly cited. I am talking about Robert Mueller who has turned state’s evidence.

This SGT 12 minute video reveals some of the strategy that has accompanied President Trump’s counter-coup against Deep State operatives. The video documentary is very well organized, well-sourced and confirms much of what I already know to be true.

However, the report is missing a couple pieces of the puzzle that are essential to understanding that a state of civil war exists between the Trump administration and the majority of the American people against the subversive operatives of the Deep State and their radical followers.

In the following video, SGT alleges that Robert Mueller has led a plot, in conjunction with key members of the Trump administration that will soon turn the tables on the Russian collusion charges. The topic has to do with Clinton’s sale of nuclear grade uranium to the Russians.

The uranium was seized by the BLM from ranchers and farmers in the West. The Bundy family were one of these victimized families.

Here’s an excerpt from 2016 with complementary documentation that Hillary obtained the uranium from American ranchers and farmers like the Bundy and the Hammond families.

The Bundy’s and Hammond’s have been under assault in order to procure precious metals.

“Let’s just call it what it is. Human greed!” Who is going to get the gold back there in the back country? Who is going to get the uranium?”

One of the big problems in America today is that “public servants” like Hillary Clinton actually represent a foreign enemy masquerading as a domestic public servant.

Hillary Clinton is our generation’s Ethel Rosenberg.

deep stateJulius and Ethel Rosenberg were United States citizens who were executed on June 19, 1953 after being convicted of committing espionage for the Soviet Union. They were accused of transmitting nuclear weapon designs to the Soviet Union; at that time the United States was the only country with nuclear weapons. They also provided top-secret information about radar, sonar, and jet propulsion engines to the USSR.

Hillary Clinton, the Ethel Rosenberg of her generation. Clinton sold uranium to the Russians while serving as the Secretary of State and this is what both the Bundy and the Hammond Ranch affair is all about. And there’s nothing to suggest that these nefarious acts aren’t still ongoing.

A former key member of the Obama administration and former Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, has proven herself to be the Ethel Rosenberg of her generation.

You may recall your U.S. history as Ethel Rosenberg sold nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War. In an act every bit as egregious as Ethel Rosenberg’s treason, Hillary Clinton sold uranium to the Russians while serving as the Secretary of State.

Ironically, the original source on this treasonous act committed by Clinton was none other than the liberal rag we call the New York Times.

The Flip of Robert Mueller…

Robert Mueller is a traitor to this country. Robert Mueller has broken too many federal laws in his role as special prosecutor to even count. On the surface, Robert Mueller belongs in prison for his actions in support of the Clinton Foundation and their Uranium One deal.

The SGT Report correctly and without substantiation reveals that Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller, is engaged in a double-cross to turn the Russian collusion charges back onto Clinton and her associates.

Here is what Dave Hodges wrote about Mueller’s involvement in the Uranium One conspiracy.

deep stateFormer FBI Director Robert Mueller was appointed as Special Counsel for the sole purpose of investigating possible Russian collusion charges between President Trump’s campaign and the Russian government. On the heels of the collusion, Mueller is also looking for the smoking gun for obstruction of justice, on the part of Trump, which is the same charge that ultimately brought down the presidency of Richard Nixon.

However, sometimes life is ironic and in a stunning development, Wikileaks, Julian Assange, tweeted a released State Department cable, which clearly and irrefutably proves that then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered former FBI Director and present Special Counsel, Robert Mueller to deliver a sample of stolen Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) to Russia in 2009.

In the article from the above-referenced statement, I also published a memo which ties Mueller into the delivery of the highly enriched uranium to the Russians.

So why has Robert Mueller joined Trump in going after the Deep State operatives? The obvious answer is that he had to in order to avoid prosecution.

Robert Mueller has joined Trump, not because he wanted to, but because he had to.

President Trump may be carrying out, what will become the biggest sting in American political history.

The SGT Report does not explain the flip-flop of Robert Mueller. Mueller could be shot as a traitor for delivering nuclear grade material to the Russians. When he was confronted with this evidence, he had no choice but to join the other side. And the SGT Report correctly asserts that the phony investigation into Trump’s alleged Russian connections would eventually land on Hillary’s illegal sale of uranium to the Russians and Mueller was caught up in this.

Soon, Comey will be singing the praises of Trump as well. These revelations explain why Podesta’s brother has quit his own firm because he was involved. John Podesta was involved as well. Wasserman Shultz hired the Awan brothers to erase as much evidence as they could. This is part of what Seth Rich leaked to W-ikileaks and this is why Podesta had him murdered.

On November 9, 2017, Dave Hodges said, he’d receieved notification that Mueller had flipped sides. On November 12th, he published the following:

russiansPeople have asked me what caused me to suspect that Mueller had flipped sides and was actually pursuing Clinton et al? Besides the fact that the deeper that Mueller dug into Trump’s Russian connections, the more Hillary was implicated, there were media revelations as well. Further, there was a well-placed leak about 3 weeks ago, made to Fox News, in which the Uranium One conspiracy was reported in a very prominent manner. Add to that, the Clinton Foundation and the DNC was being outed by Donna Brazile at the same time on Fox News. I recognized these news releases for what they were, a psyops directed against the Deep State.

Why would Fox News air such a thing? Simple, Rupert Murdock has had his disagrements and conflicts with the Deep State and the New World Order. And who could forget that Murdock and Trump had a well-publicized meeting when it was obvious that Trump was going to win the Republican nomination. Trump and Murdoch are allies. Fox News is part of the plan to take down Clinton et al.

What does it all mean?

People have asked me how did I get so close to the truth? The simple answer is that I have very good sources. To illustrate this point, please allow me to relate a Larry Nichols and Jeff Sessions encounter.

Larry Nichols received a call from his old pal, Jeff Sessions. Sessions called Nichols and screamed at Nichols to stop giving Dave Hodges inside information. However, Nichols informed Sessions that he had not passed along information to him, which was true.

Donald Trump has flipped Mueller. What about the Marines at Langley and the all the rest?

Undoubtedly, the empire (deep state) will strike back. Keep your eyes pealed for the next blockbuster revelations!

This Deep State double cross may be the best example of President Trump’s genius shining brightly.

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  1. George Whitney | March 6, 2019 at 1:41 pm | Reply

    Is Obama going to be prosecuted for not being born in America & thus not being a legal Citizen of America which is a Major requirement on running for the Presidency isn’t it? Plus why would he claim to be a Christian when the truth came out he was Wolf in Sheep Skin he was actually a Muslim. So he is an out and out Lier. Why would he want to destroy the country that has always done the right thing by him all his life! O well he will have to front up and explain himself one of these days and it can’t come soon enough for me.

  2. Ray Schlichting | February 1, 2018 at 1:07 am | Reply

    Just found your site via book of Enoc Would appreciate any info you email me. Started down rabbit hole to debunk flat earth. Instead debunked globe and NASA .Now researching end times which has me looking at politics and much more.What an exciting journey.

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