Deep State Most Dangerous We’ve Ever Known

deep state

Most of the people in America have NO idea that there even is a

“Deep State.”

Many have never even heard the term. They watch mainstream media and that’s all they’ve ever known and all they ever trust.

If it’s CNN, ABC, NBC or any of the major news networks they watch, it must be all the news they need to know.

But what most people don’t realize is that this government is NOT our friend, watching out for our benefit.

If you really can’t answer these two questions of the past, then you don’t understand what’s going on in America today.

Question: Why was there a Vietnam War? Answer: Because JFK was assassinated.

Question: Why did America fall in 2018? Answer: Because somebody very important had to die. The fundamental question is, who is going to die?

Take a long look at the current state of affairs with regard to the agenda of the Deep state and the fate of Donald Trump and possibly even Hillary Clinton.

This logic cuts to the heart of what is likely coming President Trump’s way.

It’s becoming clear that for the Deep State to fulfill their goals of the fall of the United States, the subsequent installation of globalism and raping the American people of every last dime, someone has to die.

The Fate of the Independent Media Is the Barometer of the Nation’s Welfare

independent mediaWithout the Independent Media there is no Donald Trump Presidency. During the primary election, the Independent Media (IM) provided the only positive coverage enjoyed by Donald Trump.

The Independent Media was the only source of “scorn and legitimate ridicule” of Hillary Clinton.

The Deep State is being exposed for all of its Satanic evil, thanks to the IM. CNN is never going to expose itself by bringing the truth to the American public. NEVER.

The first objective of an invasion In military strategy, is to eliminate as much of the command and control of the enemy.

In actual combat that means taking out radar and other surveillance. In politics and in a coup attempt, eliminating command and control means to obliterate the portion of the media that would expose the coming coup and following takedown of America.

This is exactly why Google, Youtube and Facebook are imposing “communist style” Chinese media censorship policies against ALL of the IM.

The attacks on the IM by social media should serve as the chest pains before the heart attack warning.

America, here me clearly. You’re witnessing the Deep State trying to severely eliminate the reach of the IM in educating the American people about what is truly going on, which is a coup against the Republic.

Alex Jones, Dave Hodges and “Think About It” will not be around at the end of this fight. By the time America’s fate is sealed, we will have disappeared from the eye of the public.

When we look at the ramifications of these Deep State actions, we can only conclude that something really BIG is coming. The Deep State has to eliminate the Independent Media in order to make sure we’re not around to report on the “Deep State coup” against our country and our way of life.

President Donald Trump Must Be Removed

When the Viet Cong would take over a village, they would kill the teachers and the politicians. They had to kill the teachers because they needed to rewrite history to fit their own narrative.

President Donald Trump must be removed from office at all costs for exactly the same reason. He’s provided America hope that we can roll back globalism to an place that the middle class can be revived and the American people can preserve their liberties.


MELBOURNE, FL – FEBRUARY 18: President Donald Trump and Melania Trump stand together during a campaign rally at the AeroMod International hangar at Orlando Melbourne International Airport on February 18, 2017 in Melbourne, Florida. President Trump is holding his rally as he continues to try to push his agenda through in Washington, DC. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Donald Trump is not just dangerous to the Deep State because of his policies, he’s most dangerous because he’s changed the psychology of the nation.

President Trump is an immediate threat to the Deep State because he threatens to eliminate open borders which would preserve our national identity. He’s threatening to roll back the free trade agreements which have earned the globalists hundreds of billions of dollars from the acquisition of cheap overseas labor which has cost America millions of jobs and has divested our wage structure.

The President is also attacking Deep State profiteering based on child-sex-trafficking, gun running, drug dealing and organ trafficking.

Through his actions, Trump is dangerously close to fully exposing the Deep State and all of their evil to mainstream America. He must be stopped and he must be stopped at all costs.

Deep State Strategy to Rid Themselves of President Trump

To the average person, the easiest thing the Deep State could do would be to assassinate the President. However, like they discovered with JFK, there are negative implications that can last generations when this course of action is pursued. And, America is done buying the worn out narrative of a single assassin, who’s a lone nut and who has a diary stating what he’s going to do. That fiction has been put to bed by the assassinations of RFK, MLK and JFK.

For the moment, the Deep State is pursuing “administrative action” against President Trump.

The DNC’s Crowdsource webserver and top DNC personnel created the Russian narrative just in case Clinton did lose. This is the basis for the possible upcoming impeachment proceedings. But, if they’re not able to remove Trump from office quickly through the indictment/impeachment process, they’ll take it to the next level like they did with JFK.

Many of us in the IM, believe that President Trump may be assassinated if impeachment fails.

Dave Hodges has often said, that David Rockefeller would never have gotten away with the assassination of JFK, if there was an Independent Media back then. And with the purge by social media of the IM, the stage is being set for an assassination and a subsequent coup.

Whatever Is Going to Happen Will Happen Very Quickly

deep stateWhen Robert Mueller impaneled a grand jury to consider the affairs of Donald Trump, that showed that the Deep State is going for broke.

If this grand jury doesn’t produce the intended results of indictment/impeachment, the Deep State will take this to the next level because they will have exhausted all of their “administrative/legal options.”

What Would Follow an Assassination of Our President?

After John Kennedy was murdered, the phone system was taken down in Washington DC for over an hour. That was to prevent an anticipated counter-revolution to the coup that had just taken place.

This is why the independent media is being taken down because the Deep State fears our influence on the informed of the country.

When President John F. Kennedy was murdered, the nation went on alert and was on the verge of martial law.

There’s one big difference between 1963 and 2017. In 1963, the people trusted their government. That is no longer true.

Martial law will be imposed for this reason. That means FEMA camps, NDAA detentions and most likely, the use of death squads against anticipated agitators.

That’s what “Jade Helm” was primarily about.

Is There Anything We As Private Citizens Can Do?

When a ship or plane is about to be attacked by a heat-seeking missile, the intended target employs countermeasures. Typically, a “hot” debris field is distributed to take the missile off course and explode it as it contacts the countermeasure. The American people could employ the same tactic.

If every aware American was to open their own website, or broadcast on a public platform, there would be too many targets for the Deep State to take down. The resulting increased level of activity would be impossible for the Deep State to contain.

Command and control destruction of the IM would become impossible. And the ability of the people to shine the light of day on these motives could give the Deep State pause. However, at this point… it’s a longshot at best.

The final option may prove to be the most effective. Do what the satanic Deep State hates and fears the most, PRAY for Donald Trump’s safety!

Original Article By Dave Hodges

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