Constitution Destroyed By Obama

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Constitution Destroyed By Obama

in just 8 years. This election in November will be stolen by the globalists and the supporters of the NWO.

The Amendments of the


and the the “bill of rights” are being ignored in order to bring in the New World Order of the globalists design.

Many in the alternative media (including


channel posters) have seen their rights becoming increasingly endangered and threatened by the Obama administration taking real steps to limit and/or completely shut down their ability to broadcast anything anymore!

The media is so OBVIOUSLY negative toward Donald Trump. No matter what he does or says, they will NOT report it as it was said or report the facts as they occurred.

The censorship was caught on tape when Reuters ordered its cameraman to cut “live” footage of Trump receiving praise from African-American Bishop Wayne T. Jackson in Detroit.

Media twisting continued when Jackson presented Trump with a prayer shawl, a bible, and offered his prayers as the black audience cheered and clapped. You didn’t see that?

Of course you didn’t if you watch MSM (main stream media). The U.S. constitution bill of rights is being taken away through censorship and oppression of free speech.

censorshipThe devastating impact of the optics of this moment would have “blown” the media’s efforts to demonize Trump as a racist bigot. (a voice is heard off-camera saying, “He’s getting a shawl!”)

The cameraman then says, “I’m shooting this, I don’t care what they say… I’ll take a demotion for this… you?”

“Shut it down,” insists the director,” followed by another voice asking, “Shut this down?”

“Yes Michael, do it,” orders the director.

We then hear the word “blackout” and the camera shakes before the live feed is cut.

“Reuters was the primary video feed for the event, all other video delivery services were coming from the Reuters feed.

When Reuters shut down, all other outlets lost the broadcast automatically.

Right Side Broadcasting responded to the controversy by offering the cameraman a job, promising to pay him much more than Reuters.

And with the internet being turned over to the U.N. on October 1st, they will further “control” what can be found and read on the internet. The alternative media (so-called “conspiracy theorists”)

censorYouTube is now punishing those who express “politically incorrect” opinions (in other words, anyone that disagrees with the Obama administrations policies or whoever speaks out about his “unconstitutional laws”) or dare to offend viewers by De-monetizing their content. That’s a violation of the 1st amendment.

The new rules have fired up an outcry from the YouTube community because they are so “incredibly restrictive.”

YouTube will now retain the right to “demonetize” any videos that contain, “Controversial or sensitive subjects and events, including subjects related to war, political conflicts, natural disasters and tragedies, even if graphic imagery is not shown.”

“Inappropriate language, including harassment, profanity and vulgar language,” is also being demonetized.

So, under the Obama administration, YouTube is encouraged to be the “decision maker” for what they will ALLOW on the YouTube platform. Google (owner of YouTube) has already eliminated the search results for Hillary Clinton for certain keyword search terms.

YouTube’s new policy will completely “dis-incentivize” YouTubers from discussing “politically incorrect” topics or expressing controversial opinions because they know they will be punished for doing so.

Many YouTubers make a living from their YouTube channel and will therefore be walking on eggshells to avoid the company’s “controlling” new rules.

censorshipThe new policy looks very similar to the Communist Chinese government’s “social credit score system,” whereby Internet users are punished by private companies and their peers for expressing unpopular views on social media.

The move is primarily designed to scare away YouTubers from making “anti-establishment political content,” but prominent YouTubers are already reporting that videos on everything from acne solutions to tips on combating depression are being demonetized because they are not “advertiser friendly.”

“The channels that self-identify as vulnerable by these advertising guidelines seem to be news channels covering “sensitive real-world topics,” reports Kotaku.

Prominent YouTuber Philip DeFranco responded to the controversy by vowing, “I’m not going to censor myself,” despite the fact that dozens of his videos have already been demonetized.

Google-owned YouTube is of course a private company and can enforce any rules it likes, but with the advent of such corporations becoming so large (more powerful than countries in some cases), in addition to them insisting on being treated as a public utility, the move is a massive stab in the back for the content creators who helped build the platform in the first place.

obamaMatt Drudge warned about what’s happening now nearly a year ago, “creators allowing their content to be swallowed up by social media ghettos was always going to lead to this outcome.”

“I don’t know why they’ve been successful in pushing everybody into these little ghettos, these Facebooks, these Tweets, these Instagrams,” Drudge said. “This is ghetto, this is corporate; they’re taking your energy and you’re getting nothing in return.”

The constitution of the United States is being taken over and it is happening quickly!

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