America’s Planned Collapse Is Underway


Forces who are conspiring to bring down


dollar and derail the Trump-led populism that is sweeping the country are all working together to make this happen.

We are seeing the actual “invasion” from central America as we approach the midterm elections in America.

The Goals of the New World Order are very simple… All paper


must be destroyed.

Today, all currencies on the planet are fiat, debt-ridden currencies that are under the control of the central banks, answerable ONLY to the Bank of International Settlements (ie Rothschilds’).

This is true except for the American petrodollar which has enjoyed some backing through being, the world’s reserve currency. But now, the dollar is slated for execution. And its executioner is the

Federal Reserve!

Trump has given America a temporary respite, but he can’t overturn the global system of banking.

If you believe the globalists from what they’ve already said, then you know they have three major immediate goals as expressed in writing by many of their members.

Reduction of the global population by 90% (eg Ted Turner the founder of CNN stated that in 1997 in Audubon Magazine).

One World Government! This is being fully accomplished by the 600 million UN-sponsored immigrants that are overrunning the top seven Western nations.

currenciesThe goal is to replace all national currencies with the “world currency”. In order to bring about a global currency, the United States dollar must be destroyed.

And at the center of this plot is the Federal Reserve.

Why would the Federal Reserve agree to destroy their own creation? The answer is simple, they’ll have a larger role in global currency wealth and decision making in the new global system.

The planned collapse of the American economy, through the destruction of the dollar, begins and ends with the Federal Reserve. They have some very good support mechanisms in place which we will first examine.

These support mechanisms, their allies, are the BRICS who have already aligned against the American petrodollar. Yes, I am saying right here, the Federal Reserve is not opposed to the BRICS.

The conflict is a facade as they’re both working to destroy the dollar.

The Federal Reserve and elite bankers are merely using the BRICS to help bring down the value by lessening the value of the Petrodollars. And just like Hitler’s brown shirts, the BRICS will be destroyed in the coming global war which will be waged against all national currencies and any population expressing a desire to join Trump’s growing brand of international populism, sovereignty and national determinism.

Sputnik News recently reported that China sold off $3 billion in US dollar bonds. Recently, Russia, China, Japan, Turkey, Iran and Iraq have all ditched the dollar in bilateral trade with each other.

Being that Japan is such a close ally of the US, their sudden move to ditch the dollar came as a surprise to most. Also, the EU ended its use of the dollar when trading with Iran in order to circumvent US sanctions.

Venezuela’s move to Euros, versus the dollar, won’t have an immediate or significant impact on the US economy, the move is symbolic of the world turning on the US because of Trump’s aggressive economic policies.

Federal ReservePreviously, the US sacrificed the welfare of its own American workers in favor of free trade agreements which President Trump has abandoned in favor of keeping American manufacturing at home inside the United States.

The result has been job growth and personal income gains. However, our foreign counterparts are angry that we’ve stopped supporting their failing economies and the world is involved in a plot to destroy the US economy.

The good news for America is that if the US economy falters, the world’s economy will collapse. And that is precisely the goal of the globalists.

Through the international abandonment of the petrodollar, the United States, the lone remaining value backed currency, will lose its dollar and become worthless.

This is a necessary step in creating a New World Order. Except, bringing down the American economy is not an easy task and requires manipulation on the inside as well.

That’s where the deep state/Obama minions come in.

The Federal Reserve is purposely destroying itself. Why? Remember, the goal is globalism, not the preservation of the dollar. The Federal Reserve has planned their escape.

If the Federal Reserve was interested in saving their precious dollar, wouldn’t they bolster the dollar and not plan an escape to its main competitor, cryptocurrency? Yet, this is exactly what the Federal Reserve is planning to do… Operate in cryptocurrency and gold when the collapse comes.

The Federal Reserve plans to have a cryptocurrency system, and their spokesman, Sean Rodriguez, announced the coming transformation of our nation’s payment system is set for 2020, under the ‘Faster Payment Environment.’

The Federal Reserve is endorsing the AML Bitcoin that is compliant with the Patriot Act and biometric identification.

If the Federal Reserve was going to save the dollar in it’s present form, why would they raise interest rates on the dollar in a time of peak economic gain including very low inflation?

currenciesBut that’s exactly what they’re doing and it’s drawn the ire of President Trump. And in what year is the Federal Reserve escaping to gold and crypto? The announced year is 2020.

This is time to crash the economy in 2019 and get Trump defeated in the 2020 election. Populism will officially die in November of 2020 under this plot.

The Destruction of the Home Industry Is the Key to Bringing Down the Dollar:

While we’re counting the ways that the American people have been ripped off, and are going to be ripped off by the bankers, let’s not forget to mention the MERS mortgage fraud in which millions of homes have been stolen because mortgage holders have paid the wrong title company because their note has been sold so many times that nobody knows who really owns the note to our homes!

This is still going on today, it’s just NOT covered in the mainstream media. And let’s not forget about the Federal Reserve that spent years buying up mortgage backed securities to the tune of $40 billion dollars a month and that money was obtained from printing money out of thin air which made our money worth even less.

This buffered the Federal Reserve against losses in the home market. The same strategies are at work again.

Very soon our money will be worthless. On November 16, 2014, the G20 nations declared your bank account to NOT be money therefore, your FDIC insurance is invalid and your bank account, when seized, will go to pay the derivatives debt.

The home mortgage bundling which led to the credit swap derivatives crashed the economy in 2008-2009. It’s happening again and for the same exact reasons.

Rising interest rates are quickening the process and coupled with rising Federal Reserve interest rates, the results are going to prove catastrophic again. We didn’t learn anything from the 2008 crash.

From the Boston Herald:

AmericaWASHINGTON — U.S. home sales fell for the sixth straight month in September 2018, a sign that housing has increasingly become a weak spot for the economy.

The National Association of Realtors said yesterday that sales declined 3.4 percent last month, the largest drop in 2 ½ years, to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.15 million. That’s the lowest sales pace since November 2015.

History is repeating itself and it’s soon going be to 2008-2009 again. Rising interest rates have killed the economic recovery and home mortgage business is once again headed for life support.

America Can Never Fully Recover… We’re Fighting to Merely Tread Water:

Derivatives are not stocks or bonds or anything of tangible value and this typifies the bundling of home mortgages into credit swap derivatives. The value of a derivative is technically viewed as “anticipated future value.”

Therefore, derivatives have no real value. However, a derivatives transaction must have the backing of a financial institution such as a brokerage or a bank.

The assets used to back up and collateralize the worthless derivatives are real and substantial. When the derivatives market crashed, it took down hard assets of tangible value.

In effect, the economy had foolishly used something in order to back up nothing and the something is now in the total control of the central bankers.

To cover the losses of the “too-big-to-fail” entities, the bailouts were initiated in what constituted the largest wealth transfer in world history.

This is the ultimate money game in which paper derived from other paper, such as futures and options, has served to bolster the balance sheets on Wall Street.

Futures and options are exchanged traded derivatives, but the largest group of derivatives are not even traded on the exchanges.

currenciesThese are called “counterparty derivatives” and consist of such financial entities as mortgage backed securities and credit default swaps.

It’is estimated that total derivative exposure of the financial system is one and a half quadrillion. A quadrillion is 1,000 trillion dollars and it has largely collapsed.

The entire Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of all the world’s countries is approximately 77 trillion dollars. GDP is an economic term for everything that is produced for sale.

The American middle class, through the bail outs, were previously asked to bear the burden of the entire derivatives market collapse which totals over 16 times the net value of the entire planet. No amount of bailouts can ever cover the loss.

There is good news and bad news. Bailouts are not in our future again. That’s because there is no planned recovery following the next crash.

This is the bankers way of transferring what’s left of middle class wealth before the final collapse. This is the final garage sale on the economy.

Let me remind you again, when the housing market collapsed in 2008, this is what led to the crash. It’s happening again as home sales have declined for the 7th straight month thanks to a series of increases in the interest rates by the Federal Reserve.

If President Trump was truly going to save America, he would seize the Fed, TODAY! Unfortunately, he would not survive to see the next morning.


currenciesThe Bankers Are Laughing At Us… While the bankers are laughing at us, I can hear the sheep saying “That will never happen here” and “You are a conspiracy theorist”. “You’re fear-mongering” as the bankers collapse to the floor in laughter at our stupidity.

Do you want to know who’s going to win? When the Titanic was sinking, who did they save? They saved 70% of the wealthy as they were the ones that got into the lifeboats while the coach passengers were locked into steerage where only 10% of those poor people survived.

This is exactly what is going on now. The government didn’t bail out small business owners, pension holders and the average investor in the 2008 crash and the same thing is going to happen today.

The elite were only bailing out the rich friends of the international bankers. The rest of us are locked into middle class steerage. Get your money out of the bank.

Cash in your 401K and your pensions. Buy gold! The game is over and you only have time to jump from this sinking ship.

America, there’s a price for our uneducated ignorance and it is called enslavement. What you don’t know can and WILL hurt you!

I never even mentioned the HUGE impact of the massive illegal immigration, CALEXIT’s economic influence and of course the coming war. You already have enough to act on now!

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