America Is Not At A Crossroad, It’s At A Checkpoint



is at a definite crossroads and we are watching history being made, but it’s not very pretty. America is better described to be at a “checkpoint.”

A checkpoint is a barrier or manned entrance, typically at a border, where security checks are carried out on travellers, but in our case, it is a “barrier.” A barrier to truth, justice and freedom.

There are anarchists instigating strife from “outside” America and “inside this government”.

deep state

. America’s ruling elite have had control for so long, using America and her people as their personal “serfdom.”

chineseThrough some very good sources we are starting to get a very clear picture of what is beginning to happen.

Although we are involved in a socio-cultural, political and economic war, the war has largely been non-violent. But, as Americans attention is diverted toward other issues, this is about to change and change in a very dramatic way!

It is time to connect the dots by comparing notes of journalists who have a proven track record of being trustworthy and accurate by comparing these accounts to what I already know to be true.

Paul Martin is often a credible source for Dave Hodges and two of his best sources, independent of each other, are providing him with stunning and consistent information about what is coming.

In the past, Paul and Dave were approached by an insider source and were given photos of UN communications equipment that Daves experts tell him are designed to operate after a general or localized EMP attack.

In any civil war scenario, the UN will clearly involve themselves.

The is UN EMP-proof Communications equipment. This was one of four pictures given to us by our insider source. Shortly after that, we began to see similar equipment around the country in places like Austin, TX., and Aurora, CO.


Local military bases are actively preparing for a Red Dawn invasion. The timetable is not yet established. This comes from Paul’s best sources.

The composition of the forces are as follows and are collaborated by Kathy Rubio and to some degree Paul Preston:

  • 5th column embeds of


    soldiers are already in the United States.

  • Steve Quayle is on record of saying these forces number between 200,000 and 300,000 soldiers posing as inland port workers (eg Sacramento and Stockton CA) and solar energy farm workers. (Many are housed at the Port of Long Beach now controlled by Chinese interests and front companies for their military interests.
  • 5th column embeds of MS-13 that will carry out assassinations of public figures, policies chiefs etc.
  • 5th column embeds of several terrorist groups including ISIS. (Even disgraced and fired FBI Director, James Comey, stated on July 4, 2016, that ISIS has active cells in all 50 states.)

The Chinese military has a large presence in the Sierra Madre south of the border. Eyewitness reports are undeniable.

The Central American Paramilitary camps are training more troops than ever before according to very reliable source (Kathy Rubio).

Nicaragua is a focal point of Chinese influence and that influence is behind the organization of the Red Dawn forces.

Paul Martin has learned what Paul Preston had previously told Dave Hodges in confidence. CALEXIT, the desire for California extremist radicals to leave the US as a protectorate of the United Nations, is the organizing force for the coming Red Dawn invasion and 5th column subversion.

deep stateFrom Breitbart:
…Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley Sector apprehended more than 2,000 migrants during a three-day period at a tiny area known for illegal border crossing…

The invasion is clearly underway through the prepositioning of troops…. This goes hand in hand with Infowars revelations, complete with pictures and videos of paramilitary forces crossing the border into Arizona, in force and in large numbers.

In the next couple of days Dave Hodges will be publishing more information on Kathy Rubio’s findings. China is behind much of what has been written about here.

They have inserted themselves into the Red Dawn equation through their communist connections with Ortega in Nicaragua. A perceived need to defend Venezuela against American imperialistic goals will also prove to be a rallying point for these future Red Dawn forces. (China just sent a naval ship to Venezuela.)

These stories and relative connections are in their infancy and this is merely the first broad brush stroke on this topic. I feel a sense of urgency to report as much as I can learn because some feel that the ensuing chaos will commence before the midterm elections.

The Importance of Social Media…

The importance of a viable Independent Media (IM) cannot be overstated. President Trump is trying to overturn the illegitimate power of the Deep State.

He needs the support of the only media that can be trusted to report the truth, the “independent media.”.

President Trump is conducting a counter-revolution against the establishment. To be successful, he needs to win the hearts and minds of the people.

Dave Hodges said that he was able to communicate this message indirectly to the President about a week ago.

americaHe was put in communication with President Trump though an anonymous third party. A week ago Saturday night, he had a 25 minute conversation with a source who meets with President Trump on a regular basis.

He was permitted to lay out the social media violations of antitrust legislation and open forum laws.

In the course of this conversation Dave also discussed why he felt the President needed a viable IM to survive the blue wave.

Two days later, President Trump issued an executive order in which the social media giants are under investigation for antitrust violations.

Dave had a lengthy conversation with Agenda 21 Radio’s and leaders of the New California movement, Paul Preston. Paul told him that he was fully aware that the Trump children met with Google this past week and told them how things were going to be.

There is much more on this front that will come out. Now it makes sense why former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt would say that there are going to be 2 internets, one for China and one for the West.

Google knows that Trump can defeat them. Google is apparently going to be reigned in, at least for the time being.

These anti-social media actions and some rumored prosecutions of Deep State personnel will commence after the midterms. But first, we must get through these midterm elections with victory.

And it may get very dicey in the next month as the deep state knows they are about to be exposed and defeated if President Trump continues to win.

Multiple sources, including Paul Preston, tell me that President Trump is preparing to severely crack down on California’s sedition and treason. For that I’m grateful!

The Deep State seems to be intent on not letting this happen. I believe, along with Dave and Paul Preston, that this is how the civil war, with the help of Red Dawn forces, might begin.

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