White House Goes Rogue: Breaks All the Laws

Surveillance, digital stalking and the data mining of the American people—weapons of compliance and control in the government’s hands—haven’t made America any safer, and they certainly aren’t helping to preserve our freedoms.

Media Ruled By PsyOp Alliance

DiResta is the research director for the Stanford Internet Observatory, founded in June 2019 to promote internet censorship policies and conduct real-time social media narrative monitoring. As I pointed out in December 2022, she’s also connected to the CIA, and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

Texas To Investigate Colony Ridge Illegal Alien Settlement

While millions of Americans who have lived here all their lives work hard, try to make a life for their families are having great difficulty just surviving, in Texas real estate developers created a Third World city for thousands of illegal aliens and they don’t even have to provide a Social Security number to qualify for a loan.